ISU Lab schools: Show me your papers

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Below are three forms sent to parents who want to send their kids to Metcalf. Don’t comply, don’t come. ISU thinks parents aren’t intelligent enough to know life has risks. ISU thinks parents of kids who have to be apply to attend also aren’t intelligent to know when to keep sick kids home.

Kids will be required to wear masks, even when participating in sports. Your kids are being trained to obey government without question. Cases are growing, deaths aren’t. No kids have died in McLean County of COVID. Evidently ISU believes the adult vaccinations won’t keep anyone safe. Nonsense won’t end until you refuse to participate.

Do lawyers have to write way too many words to communicate: Your kids terrify us?

U-High parents probably got the same forms.







3 thoughts on “ISU Lab schools: Show me your papers

  1. YES – THIS STATEMENT- 100% =
    “Your kids are being trained to obey government without question.”

    Based on social media comments, people appear to think “the government” cares about them.
    And there are so many “feelings” that are used when posting comments, it is nuts.

    We ARE living in the Twilight Zone right now!!

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  2. I wonder how this SHIELD outfit gets around the 2019 law: Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act ???

    This goes well beyond Metcalf. The SHIELD Co.’s own promo video clearly shows a student from a Chicago parochial school giving up their DNA. What the bloody hell is wrong with parents?

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