Unredacted – with permission

Leah gave me permission to print the below. We agree completely on how social media and the media are hiding information.

7 thoughts on “Unredacted – with permission

  1. Thanks for sharing Leah’s experience. We need to hear from more ppl who have been harmed by the shots. With the amount of censorship going on today and the amount of misinformation being fed to the public by the authorities, there should be no doubt we are living under tyranny. Be smart and question everything authorities say that sounds fishy.

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  2. I’m glad to hear that Leah is okay, if that’s the right phrase. I was banned from FB for 30 days because I simply shared an article from The New York Post. I didn’t write it. Someone took issue with a statement by the author/columnist that FB deemed was bullying, and that’s the bull (pun intended) they gave me for the ban. Tyranny. There is no arbitrator for this random censorship. This in not America.

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    1. It’s become a truly scary dystopia of medical tyranny to be quite honest, all we can is resist it and hope we can serve as an example to those who are having doubts.

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  3. Another one wakes up to the ‘realty’ (non) – it is ALL about pushing an agenda , framing ‘normative’ behavior and/or trying to sell you something.
    Factual news and Journalism ®️ are hoax in 2021 – Al Jeezera and the Taliban are more credible .

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  4. The sudden alignment of politics and media predicts the end of democracy and its replacement with Communism, Marxism, Socialism. We live in the age of useful idiots. Do not suspend your belief in what is right and wrong.

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  5. It’s quite unfortunate that this has happened to you, or anyone else as the same type of scenario has happened to many. This is not the America that I grew up in nor is it the America that any of us (the good guys) want it to be. The framers didn’t want it. The veterans didn’t put their lives on the line for it. This is not America. This is the direct result of globalism attempting to destroy America, land of the free. It’s all about control as the conspiracy theorists have been waring for decades. Like that bat crap crazy Alex Jones, prison planet is attempting it’s complete takeover. But Leah and all please continue to speak up and inform others as we must all do our part to defeat the evil forces upon us.

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