State Police release audio and video of the Landings shootings

The video is 41 minutes long. Several 911 calls are included and then bodycam from the officers that responded.

It is riveting, but it may not be suitable for everyone. I think you have to log into a YouTube account to view it. Create one if you don’t have one, it is worth watching if only to see what the police went through and how terrified the people on the scene were.








9 thoughts on “State Police release audio and video of the Landings shootings

  1. Holy Christ. There was a lot of shooting there. Kudos to the cops for running (literally) to the sound of gunfire. And for the taxpayer relief shot!

    Thankfully it doesn’t look like any of the victims were hit by errant police rounds. But there was a LOT of aggressive gunplay by the police.

    So why was the lunatic on a rampage? Someone pee in his Wheaties?


  2. Well the cops fixed that, now didn’t they? Still a good shoot. Albeit a little reckless.

    Here’s an idea: how bout Normal PD gets some police patrol rifles and learns how to use them instead of writing so many tickets for 2 and 4mph over the limit?


  3. To All who want to critique the actions of our law enforcement during an active shooter situation…

    PLEASE APPLY for a position!

    Literally every force in this County (and probably the state) is under staffed and under equipped!

    I personally think they all did a FANTASTIC job! And I appreciate every one of them for going to help stop the shooter from continuing to shoot innocent people.

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  4. This makes me appreciate what our officers have to deal with on top of the mundaneness of issuing simple parking tickets. I am thankful no one was struck with an errand bullet. With the unpredictable nature of law enforcement, don’t the police carry shotguns in their patrol cars anymore?


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