Normal/Rivian make the New York Times

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Title of the story:

Can a green-economy boom town be built to last?

Many local people are mentioned in the article, click the link to read it yourself!

I don’t think the question in the title was answered, it mostly reviews history. It doesn’t ask where the electricity will come from if electric vehicles become the norm.

Worth reading though!

9 thoughts on “Normal/Rivian make the New York Times

  1. Where does the electricity come from? From charging stations which are now being built all over the country. Most electric cars can be plugged into standard home sockets for overnight charging. Most automotive manufacturers are going only produce electric vehicles by 2035. So yes this is the future.


    1. Yes, it is the future but at what cost? There are problems a plenty waiting if electric becomes the forced government mode of transportation. You appear smart and I expect you have already weighed the positives against all the obvious negatives.

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  2. The answer to the NY Times article is “maybe” but not in BN or Illinois. Electric vehicles need government intervention to survive. The first step is passing the Green New Deal and outlawing the combustion engine and the use of fossil fuels for on-road which will eventually occur. Rivian is going to have competition and they know it which is the reason they are marketing their vehicles to the up and mobile crowd. Their target market is around two percent of the potential vehicle buying market. Their vehicles are out of the price range of.most buyers. The yuppie marketing strategy will last for only so long so the longevity of the product and multi- year production numbers should be severely questioned. Rivian has also cast its lot with some of the biggest business scumbags in Jeff Bezos and Samsung. Expect Rivian to have a gaggle of lawyers on retainer to fend off the constant lawsuits by competitors, purchasers and probably employees. Although Normal and Illinois will do everything in their power to make sure Rivian pays little to no taxes,management will not like living in BN and will want to move elsewhere. Also, there is nothing to point to a dependable product over time, repair capabilities and costs to do so. Rivian is spending money like a drunken sailor in Normal and elsewhere and is yet to prove anything to the purchasing public. Then there is Scaringe who entered the vehicle manufacturing business on a whim thinking his MIT engineering degree had it all covered. Didn’t matter he had never produced a on-road vehicle in his life. Behind the scenes, Bezos and others are likely running the company so don’t expect any long- term commitment to Normal. Consider the town lucky if Rivian survives ten years in Normal after it rolls its first vehicle. My advice to Koos and those at the train station is to get your victory laps in early.

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      1. Not long ago, a group of “EV journalists” were invited to tour the plant. Can’t remember where the article appeared but one of the journalists wrote in his story it was obvious those in the ” hastily put together demonstration assembly line” had never put together a vehicle as they stumbled their way through the assembly process. His description, not mine..Most of the assembly line jobs I have seen advertised start at $18 an hour and do not exceed $30. Doesn’t exactly shout experienced or competent.

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  3. Meanwhile as smaller independent businesses are treated like crap and taken advantage of at every turn, the council puppets only kiss ass when wined and dined by the big shots living off the citizen tax payer dollar.

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  4. Electricity is free isn’t it? It comes from the sky blowing those wind turbines, Plug your vehicle into your neighbors outside receptacle LOL

    Electric vehicle… that’d be the last thing I’d buy. The story goes the 1976 Cadillac Seville left you stranded more than it got you home. Never buy a 1st generation vehicle!


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