Connect Transit Success (cough cough)

By: Diane Benjamin

I never got around to reporting Connect Transit had a great year! Instead of losing the budgeted $12,825,000, they only lost $11,939,195. They saved taxpayers almost $886,000!

Between regular buses and Connect Mobility ridership was down 12.4% from the previous fiscal year.

Connect reports Congress is going to throw them more money in the infrastructure bill. (You thought they’d fix roads and bridges – joke is on you)

Oh, the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill will throw them even more money! See PDF pages 12 and 13 for the reporting from Washington. (How can your representatives show their faces in public when they are spending money that will bankrupt the country?)

Of course Illinois thinks the same way, see PDF pages 14-20. Springfield passed over 600 new laws last fiscal year. They do not represent or govern. They dictate your life. Congrats to all those who have fled this ridiculous state.

PDF page 23: Connect is going to spend their $175,259 of their Federal COVID allotment on plexi-glassing drivers. Evidently masks don’t work (we knew that). Do drivers still have to wear masks anyway?

Enjoy the empty or almost empty monstrosities roaming the streets!

3 thoughts on “Connect Transit Success (cough cough)

  1. OK> Let’s get this RIGHT! Ridership is DOWN %14 and they STILL keep busting up the roads. This has to be one of the biggest BOONDOGGLES of ALL time. Koos and The CT people NEES to SERIOUSLY look at the NUMBERS!!! THIS IS NOT SUSTAINABILITY-as Loos and all his monks preach!
    This is MAJOR loss, and NOT environmentally friendly, economical in the least bit and just PLAIN DAMN STUPID!
    Let’s get smaller busses, better routes and maybe a few more drivers and make this a MODEL for the nation, instead of a boondoggle.
    We CA DO IT and it is POSSIBLE IF the idiots in control OPEN their MINDS!


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