Now Even Australia Knows Josh Barnett isn’t a Republican

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Yes folks, the Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney AUSTRALIA) had a reporter in Normal Il. The story features some people you might know like dairy farmer Ken Ropp. Also interviewed was Mitzi Bell who voted for Biden, a quote from her:

Also in the story is Chris Bradley, owner of Fort Jesse Cafe. His comment on inflation and supply chain issues:

Two other people mentioned:

Although a HUGE picture of Josh Barnett is higher up in the story, his quotes aren’t used until near the end. Liz Cheney was kicked out of the Wyoming GOP because of thinking like Barnett. He needs banned from ever running as a Republican again:

A.B Farrington is also quoted, the writer claims she is more representative of the Republican party.

The saddest quote is from a Unit 5 teacher who is about to retire. “Kelly Keogh prided himself on keeping his personal beliefs out of the classroom.”

Kelly believed the media talking points about Charlottesville. He obviously never listened to what Trump said other than than clips media played endlessly. He sounded like a great teacher until then.

Maybe Keogh will believe Jake Tapper, quoted in this story:

It appears he isn’t teaching his students that media lies. He should have known better, we had 5 years of lies and counting.

If the McLean County GOP doesn’t kick Josh Barnett out of the party based on these quotes, the party has no future. Josh needs to run on the socialist ticket (democrat).



If you don’t want to be in a dark place, talk to the guy who is really in charge.

Knowing he wins in the end will brighten your day!






21 thoughts on “Now Even Australia Knows Josh Barnett isn’t a Republican

  1. People in BN need to concentrate on fixing up their own house. Those repairs are enough to keep them busy for the next twenty years and beyond. The quotes provided just illustrate the total detachment they all possess. Barnett was and is a total twit. Looks dumb and talks the same way. Why would you admire a known international crook like Joe Buden?

  2. The local GOP is a hot mess with leadership that simply does not know how to win , or govern when they do. It is so bad the local GOP chair’s son LOST to a Dem in a solidly R district !
    Sure , R still win around here but it is solely because of the candidate’s own work – NOT due to any ‘help’ or ‘assistance’ the Mclean county GOP may provide.

    Last time the Mclean county GOP ‘leadership’ inserted itself into a local race – their boy Straza got beat. 😂

    That’s why smart candidates put together their own campaign operations.

    The formal Mclean County GOP org is chock full ‘0 Josh Barnett’s – and self loathing cheap geezers who can’t even quit infighting for their own good.

    The 2021 version of the Mclean County GOP can’t – and won’t -do s**t about Josh Barnett.

  3. Never Trumpers – Would buy a car with no engine because they like the color of the paint.

    Never Trumper Politicians – Want you to ride around town with them in their pretty car with no engine.

    They have no business being in politics or even voting for that matter.

    Would Never Trumper Barnett vote for Biden again if Trump ran? If yes – he is a fool, if no – he’s still a fool.

  4. The GOP has lurched too far to the right, and the Democrats too far to the left…both are radical. I’m politically homeless, which is fine really. I can say this, Biden is a GIANT disappointment…and I will never, ever vote for any candidate who supported the previous demagogue, not even the local dog catcher. I hope neither of them runs again in 2024.
    Barnett is 100% right when he says “The Republican Party has lost its soul and I question whether it will ever get it back.”
    And no, us Never Trumpers would never buy a car with no engine, that’s just asinine.

    1. BNindy,
      You bought Biden didn’t you. Because he ran on “a gentler, kinder” platform and didn’t know how to tweet. Pretty paint with no engine.

      “Biden is a GIANT disappointment” you say???
      That’s all on you BNindy. Shame on you and thanks for nothing!!!

      1. He’s a giant disappointment because of his leap to appease the far left. He should have governed as a centrist.
        Even as a disappointment, he’s better than an autocratic demagogue any day.
        Like, 2016, 2020 was choice between two turd sandwiches for lunch, and we had to eat.

      2. Other than fast tracking the vaccine and keeping us out of wars, which I give him 100% credit for that, absolutely. Other than that, I don’t see much good that he did, but…do tell… I’m guessing you have a different view than me.

        I don’t know, that would be a hard decision. I would likely vote for a third party candidate so my conscious would be clear if it was a choice between those two turds.

        1. Guess you missing energy independence, stay in Mexico, laughing at Climate Change nonsense, standing up to China, peace with North Korea, peace in the Middle East, raised incomes for all demographics, those are just off the top of my head.

        2. Diane’s list is good. Also –
          I voted for him because he was not a career politician. He spoke openly and candidly and answered questions frequently rather than hide from them. A good indicator you should have used before voting for Biden.
          He didn’t back down from the obviously corrupt media (obvious to most people at least)
          Began building the wall on the southern border.
          Took a stand for religious freedom
          Restricted funding for abortion
          Stood with Israel
          Stopped the teaching of CRT principles in governmental organizations
          Withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal
          He wasn’t suffering from dementia.
          Supported police/law and order.
          Supported a strong military
          A big one – “America will never be a socialist country” – DJTrump
          Kamala Harris for VP?
          Bernie Sanders for Budget Chairman?

          After his term you could actually say that Trump did what he said he would do, or at least tried.
          Joe Biden didn’t say what he would do (didn’t have to) and as you say he ended up caving to the neo socialists in his party.

  5. Barnett, Lorenz and Preston are just 3 examples of Democrats posing as Republicans. When will local GOP leaders realize that electing RINO’s is a failure of the GOP and a WIN for the Democrats!

  6. Mr. Keogh was my favorite teacher. He got me to Heartland and a eventually a bachelors degree from ISU.
    I am beyond disappointed. He was one of the last old guard from before Nuckolls and her VP destroyed the NCHS community.

  7. If the GOP does not return to conservative policy, it needs to go! I quit $upporting the GOP a long time ago, still support Conservatives!

  8. You don’t believe in the Constitution BNINDY? My God man, why in the hell would you say that? Where do you think you would be without (currently) some semblance of that document being the law of the land? It should be next to iron clad as the founders intended. We’d all be alot better off.

  9. I would have asked the Australian reporter what the heck he thought of the covid scam chaos in his home country, full lockdowns and mandatory camps for the unvaccinated. Then I would have told him that Normal is in fact abNormal as was noted 50 years ago by the townies and that hasn’t changed. Then this idiot Josh Barnett from the article “Josh Barnett also voted for Biden, despite being an elected Republican member of the local council. Barnett is a classic “never Trumper”, the small cohort of Republicans who recoiled at the former president’s policies and personality.” Comparing policies to policies and personality to personality just goes to show you what kind of absolutely clueless idiot Barnett is. Biden’s policies destroy America, Trump policies are America first. Trump personality a bit hard hitting with the truth non-pc tell it like it is, America loving patriot compared to Biden’s obvious dementia and overly affectionate sick-o moves on young children.

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