District 87 – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

By: Diane Benjamin

The below was received as part of a much larger FOIA from District 87. This is a small part of the missing information from this page: https://www.district87.org/domain/2157

Note: The information is still missing from that page even though I received it. Why are they hiding what they are doing?

See Goal 4. District 87 isn’t hiring the best most qualified teachers. Your kids will pay the price.

Teachers who participate in Diversity Equity and Inclusion committees are compensated:

There is much more to report from this FOIA, it won’t be today. It will take more FOIA’s to get all the information.








9 thoughts on “District 87 – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  1. Thanks Diane!
    I would suggest that maybe the D87 legal department redacted the DEI initiatives that could be considered civil rights violations or unequal treatment under the law?

    DEI in a nutshell – We must take away the “unearned privileges” of the “dominant culture” and give them to the “marginalized culture”.
    Waiting for the definition of “unearned privileges”.

    The “Dominant Culture” according to Unit 5’s Equity Action Plan – White, male, heterosexual, cisgender, upper class, abled-bodied, U.S. born, native English-speaker, college-educated, Christian, young, desirable in stature, size, and appearance.

    We’ll have to wait for the results but I’m sure grades will go up; discipline problems will disappear, and the “oppressors” and “oppressed” will be the best of friends. Happy days!

  2. We are seeing more and more local and state governments backtracking on their equity based defund the police and their “equitable” sentencing policies.
    These things are “equity” in action. They said they would reduce crime. We see the results.

    So what will equity policies do in our schools and to our children? Are we ready?

  3. So apparently you don’t want diversity and equity and inclusion. Got it. You want inequity and division and no one rocking your idea of who can teache. Did you just say in black and white and in about 15 font red that District 87 won’t have the best teachers if they hire people of color? So you’re saying out loud you are a racist? Also got it. I guess it better to get out in the open what exactly this entire campaign is about, you and your readers are racist.

    You and commenters all make ridiculous claims about this subject which no sane person is making. It’s the same thing with Critical race Theory which isn’t being taught anywhere no matter what you say. You know who made up the entire controversy of Critical Race Theory? Christopher Rufo. Mr Rufo took an obscure Harvard Law School class and turned it into a manufactured outrage. So no one is teaching Critical Race Theory and you are making up that controversy out of whole cloth.

    DEI in a nutshell – We must take away the “unearned privileges” of the “dominant culture” and give them to the “marginalized culture”. Waiting for the definition of “unearned privileges”.

    Give me a break, absolutely no one is saying that anywhere outside of commenters on this message board. This blog is concocting and fabricating controversy so it can repeatedly run it up a flag pole in order to elicit outrage. If you couldn’t gin up this up you would have much to write about……

    1. Why does D87 want to hire people of color? Do they get extra points even though they might be less qualified? Your argument defeats itself. Color make no difference and has not place in hiring or curriculum

  4. D Hawkins –
    Have you read Unit 5’s Equity Action Plan or their Equity Audit Results? Have you read the ISBE’s Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards? Have you read any books on Critical Race Theory? See Cynical Theories by James Lyndsay. If you haven’t, you should, and if you would like l can provide the links for the school’s documents.

    As far as my DEI in a nutshell comment. The terms I used all came directly from the glossary of terms in Unit 5’s Equity Audit. You can find these terms and others – “White Privilege”, “White supremacy ideology”, “Social Construct”, “Intersectionality”, “Anti-racist”, “unjustly manipulate resources”, “positionality”, “actions of oppression that manifest privileges to White people”, I can provide their glossary with the number of times these terms are used if you like.

    If you read any informative information about CRT (not from the media) and I hope you will, you will find that all of this comes from the basic principles of CRT. It IS in our school’s and it will destroy our children socially and educationally.

  5. Rather than me blather on clumsily – I stumbled across this site of interest specific to Illinois.
    There is some very interesting reading concerning things like CRT and its incorporation into Culturally Responsive Teaching Standard, school boards and contracting of equity plans.

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