Mollie Ward wants a commission to study why people are shooting each other

By: Diane Benjamin

Mollie was in the Council chambers, not on zoom. It took the camera awhile to shift over to her:

No commission needed Mollie. Obviously life has no value to some people. When abortion can wipe out babies at will, shooting each other is just the next step. The only way to defeat violence is to lock up those who commit it.

We used to know that, illegally using or owning a gun requires long prison sentences. That reduced crime for decades until leftists went soft on crime. The two murders this year are a direct result of the Defund the Police garbage and Illinois laws allowing criminals a free pass back on the streets.

When Ward’s Council initiative is presented, the majority will probably vote with her. Talk will get the guns out of the hands of gangs. 😁🙄

More bleeding heart liberals (Jeff Crabill) managed to get penalties for unpaid parking tickets tabled until next month. The Council documentation isn’t clear, but the penalties are aimed at habitual offenders who refuse to pay the tickets. See 42:45. Some people owe thousands of dollars!

Jamie Mathy wants low income people to be abled to apply for assistance. 48:50. There is no proof low income people are those not paying their tickets.

Alderman Montney, Becker, and Urban voted against tabling Crabill’s motion.

The Council did provide a brilliant excuse:

Don’t go downtown and you won’t get parking tickets!

10 thoughts on “Mollie Ward wants a commission to study why people are shooting each other

  1. The increase in gun violence is because people like Ward, Crabill, Mathy, Renner, Koos, Dobski and assorted others actively campaigned for low life Chicago types and local rural white trash to relocate to BN. The single baby mommas brought their drug induced and drug selling relatives with them. Generational and ingrained bad behavior doesn’t reverse itself because of a change in geography. This kind of warped thinking is part and parcel of the long standing BN leadership Clique. Most of these people are not bright and are devoid of common sense and are removed from reality. The violence likely continues with or without a stupid commission. BN will continue to devolve into a small metro ghetto. Enjoy being Decatur thanks to your great community leaders.


  2. You are absolutely right MPEABODY, it has been 30 years since our doors were open to those wanting a better safer life out of Chicago which I supported, but guess what you also had the bad come with the good. One has to only look at all the murders being done in the south side of Chicago.You now have generations of those that have had no intact family environment growing up here within the welfare environment, everything is free until you are 18 or if a female have a lot of kids and the free will continue. Not a healthy environment and not one that any of us would want to grow up in. When the free goes away how does one support himself, rob,steal, sell drugs and if someone messes with you, shoot them. You will find that may of those not all have a lengthy criminal record. Do you believe that those hardworking families that live in the neighborhoods where murder is happening want these thugs back on the street, I think not, lock these thugs up and leave them there until you can figure out how to stop the baby daddy syndrome and bring strong family units back into our culture.Enough said!


  3. Perhaps Ms. Ward should schedule an appointment with the state’s attorney to learn about some recent shootings and the reason behind them. If she wants a commission, then put the right people on it and I don’t mean the bleeding heart liberals, I mean the people who really know what is going on with violent crime. Talk to a few detectives…skip the Chief as that will be smoke and mirrors. Talk to those on the streets and find out why shootings are happening. Not only adult offenders, but juvenile offenders as well. The problem with Mollie is she does not understand what is going on around her and has no knowledge of why shootings are occurring. She lives in bubble. To understand what is going on, you have to look at what you know and she is not smart enough to do that.

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