Jim Fisher – Running for 91st State Rep

Contact Information: [email protected]

I have known Jim for over 10 years. He isn’t a Republican squish, he isn’t a bomb thrower either – just common sense! He needs help getting petitions signed, download a copy below. Make sure all signers live in the 91st and are registered voters. Petitions can be notarized at the GOP headquarters on February 23rd from 4-6. He is running against Scott Preston in the primary. The first day to file petitions is March 7th.

If you don’t vote in primaries because you don’t want to declare a party, quit reading forever. You are the reason RINO’s get elected! Scott Preston needs defeated because he is a RINO, a career wannabee politician, and Koos would get to appoint his replacement on the Normal Town Council. Enough reasons to help Jim?

24 thoughts on “Jim Fisher – Running for 91st State Rep

  1. The 91st is a Biden+7 district according to my numbers. Whoever wins the primary is going to get smoked in November anyway. Sharon Chung will get bankrolled by Emmanuel Welch’s PACs. Plus, lots of triggered liberals in Bloomington and Normal these days.


      1. The media lies. But numbers dont.

        RCP polling average 2016: Clinton +3.2
        Final Result: Clinton +2.1

        Thank god for the electoral college…


    1. ignore Karla Bailey- Smith ( or is it Karla-Bailey Smith ) ? I’m never sure where the hyphen goes – anyway , at your own peril – she could be the ‘sleeper’ in this race. 👩🏻‍🎤


  2. I’m sure Preston thinks he has it in the bag but I am going to vote for Jim Fisher. I just know him through the GOP. He’s steady & reliable. He’s on the board. He pulls the GOP float in every parade & stores it at his home. He attends numerous events throughout the year. He’s a family man & hosted exchange students. You’ll be glad you voted for him.

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  3. I’m confused. I googled the 91st district and it doesn’t include McLean County. Unless I’m looking at an old map. I printed off the petition but my neighborhood is not included in the 91st. Since you must live in the District for 2 years prior to running for state rep in that district, how can Preston run in the district and still be on our city council.
    Tell me what I’m missing.


  4. If Preston wins the state rep race then Koos gets to appoint his replacement? That doesn’t sound right. Is there anything to prevent Koos from appointing a Democrat to replace Preston’s Republican seat?


      1. Diane you say you would not like it if they replace him with a Democrat. You say he is RINO but also that we can’t afford to lose a valuable conservative and have Koos replace him. They can’t both be true, which one is it?

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  5. Qualifications. A person must be a U.S. citizen and two-year resident of an electoral district of at least 21 years of age to serve in the Illinois House of Representatives.

    Requirements to be a state rep in Illinois.


    1. I think this will answer your questions: From the Illinois Constitution:

      To be eligible to serve as a member of the General Assembly, a person must be a United States citizen, at least 21 years old, and for the two years preceding his election or appointment a resident of the district which he is to represent. In the general election following a redistricting, a candidate for the General Assembly may be elected from any district which contains a part of the district in which he resided at the time of the redistricting and reelected if a resident of the new district he represents for 18 months prior to reelection.

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