Just an FYI

I have TWO FOIA fail cases against District 87 pending with the Attorney General’s office. It appears Public Access is moving faster than normal on these cases, the information I requested was denied under bogus exemptions. I think they clearly see that!

Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Just an FYI

  1. You do a fantastic job.. we appreciate it. Keep fighting- I’m doing what I can among the people I know to inform them and to try to get them to take an active interest in FIGHTING AGAINST THE OPPRESSION AND CORRUPTION we see happening every day. Mostly to get them to stop believing everything the mass media feeds them. Nobody wants to think that what is happening is really happening- it scares them so they pretend it’s not happening. That is not the way to fix problems- problems that are ignored never get fixed and only get worse.

    Thanks again!

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