Socialist Krystle Able

By: Diane Benjamin

Like a lot of people running for office Krystle attempts to act normal and caring until the election is over. She’s currently running for County Board.

h/t a reader

One more:


I wonder if Krystle knows Hitler was a socialist? (The Nazi Party, officially the National Socialist German Workers’ Party)

How’s socialist Venezuela doing with lots of people immigrating from there to here? Why are they leaving the socialists utopia? Does Krystle know all the zoo animals are gone because starving people ate them?

What socialist country is a success story Krystle? Don’t say Sweden, they aren’t socialist.

If Krystle was really “for humanity” she wouldn’t be a socialist, capitalism has pulled millions of people out of poverty around the world. Of course government interference in capitalism is a huge problem, that’s why government should be as small as possible.

Krystle needs to throw her cell phone away, it was created by capitalism.

Socialism kills, get some facts Krystle:

Meanwhile Krystle shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near government!

The numbers are even higher in this story:

WWII was fought to stop socialism, too bad some schools must be teaching the opposite.





36 thoughts on “Socialist Krystle Able

  1. This makes me sick! These people who are so uneducated and misinformed. She was molded into this during her college years I assume. I hope she learns the truth.
    Vet those running so you don’t vote in these uneducated, hate America, religion and Capitalism champs in.

    Diane, did Dan Brady show up to support Darrin Bailey? It was so close to his office, the rally before the debate.

    Thank you Diane!

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    1. And what worse is that she is also Vice President of the Young Democrats of McLean County… working hard to indoctrinate a fresh new batch of Socialists.

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    2. I didn’t see Dan at the rally, but I wasn’t looking for him so I suppose it’s possible I just didn’t see him. I did see him outside the debate as I was walking in.


    3. Let’s be clear. Ms. Able barely has an associates degree but has declared that she has a master’s degree. I doubt she has much college education to speak about. Also, don’t forget she wants to defund the police…OH WAIT…it is now reallocate funds.

      We are doing ALL we can to keep this misfit out of office.

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  2. Each time you state Hitler was a “socialist” you’re wrong. Hitler didn’t bring down Germany to its knees because of its 5 Reichspfennig dental plan. With your logic North Korea is a Democratic Republic. Hitler’s Germany was a far right totalitarian government. If it was “socialist”, it would be like modern Denmark or even modern Germany. It wasn’t. It started WWII and the Holocaust.

    “NAZI Germany like Italy’s Fascism was a Far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology and movement, characterized by a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, forcible suppression of opposition, belief in a natural social hierarchy, subordination of individual interests for the perceived good of the nation and race, and strong regimentation of society and the economy. ” Had nothing to do with socialism. Get your terms right the NAZI were never “socialist”. Just like China isn’t a Republic.

    We have socialist parts to our country from Social Security and Medicare to Medicaide. Even building roads and many infrastructure building is socialism. Police and fire is socialism.


      1. With you logic North Korea is a Democratic Republic, it’s in their name.
        NAZISM was a totalitarian RIGHT wing government with no socialism.
        Germany was right wing government, it was NOT enacting left wing policies.

        Current Socialist country are moderate left. In Denmark they are not throwing
        out their phones or anything else. In fact socialist countries like Denmark have
        a higher level of living compared to us. You’re NAZI “socialist” talking point is
        historically wrong


      2. You really deleted my reply? And you claim to have 9 million readers. You’re
        shameful re-write of history is deplorable. Is this what you want to teach children? Historical lies? Again NAZIS were not socialist since they were right
        wing authoritarian government. Socialist are tend to be on the left side.


    1. Stop with this “Durr, police and fire are socialist, durr…..” You look stupid as hell. Pray tell, what goods do fire departments and police departments manufacture? NONE, is the answer. Meaning…not socialist. Go read some more books before spouting off this dumb crap again…and again…and again. You’re never going to be right no matter how many times you repeat it.


      1. Police and fire aren’t socialism? Gee, when your house burns to the ground
        you’d be standing before a destroyed house wondering why you could not fight
        the out control fire with a garden hose. Socialism is working together for
        services for our community.
        You totally confused socialism “socialism” doesn’t have to “produce” or “manufacture” anything. I think you need to read a few books.


    2. M Ryan – you give a description of Nazi Germany that fits China perfectly, seems pretty spot on for North Korea, very close to Soviet Russia, and not too far off from current Venezuela. Then somehow pretend it’s nothing like socialism?
      Ultra-left or far right, socialist or fascist or whatever else, the Real problem is the authoritarian aspect, and socialism doesn’t work without authoritarianism. Whether it’s Nazi Germany, or communist China, modern America, or our local schools and Town Council, when the rulers only feign caring about the ruled (or don’t even bother with that), things get better for a short while, then worse and worse for the non-rulers until it goes bad for the rulers too.
      There are two kinds of socialists (or any other authoritarian ‘-ists’) – the ignorant/naïve majority who falsely believe it’s a better path, and the evil ones who plan to be among the rulers.

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      1. Since you seem completely incapable of doing it yourself for some reason. let me google that for you.

        Quoting even hard left leaning wikipedia from this source:

        “…characterized by the dominance of social ownership[2] of the means of production…”

        I ask you, pray tell, one more time, what exactly does fire or police PRODUCE???? Production implies the producing of a product or item. What product are they producing or what item are they producing? And again, the answer is NOTHING!

        So, once again, keep making yourself look ignorant. I could care less. other than proving you wrong. Also, the DSA is just communism light, so I’ll tell you exactly the same thing I told your boy Sonny. I would rather be dead than red.

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      1. That’s not my comment Diane, I always have the same name when I comment on your site.

        Also, the socialist party in Germany is the Social Democratic Party, established in 1863.
        The Nazi (formerly the German Workers’ Party) party was established in 1919-1920. It was a far-right party, focused on nationalism and antisemitism.

        To equate Nazism to socialism would be the the like equating Republican/conservatism to the IRA (Irish Republican Army)


  3. The point of your story which is historically wrong is that the Nazi’s were socialist. That may have
    been true during the Weimar Republic after WWI, before Hitler was elected. As one
    commentator stated …,the socialist party in Germany is the Social Democratic Party, established
    in 1863.” The Nazi’s had no connection to that socialist party. They were violent street thugs
    from the starting with Hitler as their leader.

    After Hitler’s election, there were purges and crackdown of any Communist and especially Jews
    AND SOCIALIST. As Hitler gained power he established a far right authoritarian nationalistic government. Why did Hitler send Socialist to concentration camp to die just like the Jews and
    the Communist and Romany? Because he wasn’t a socialist.He hated them.


      1. Let’s see you start out claiming that someone who is running for Country Board
        is basically a NAZI. You illogical claim is that the NAZI’s has “Socialist” in their
        name, therefore Ms Able is a NAZI/Socialist. I carefully explained that history
        behind Socialism in Germany before Hitler came to power. NAZI persecuted
        socialist because most socialist were JEWS. Socialist were sent to concentration
        camps and to the showers. Hitler hated socialist. So how were NAZI’S socialist?
        They weren’t

        In different countries like Denmark and Sweden have larger social programs
        for there citizens, and have Socialist Parties. Both those countries have a higher standard of living than here. Nobody in either Denmark or Sweden are
        throwing out their phones or anything else. I believe this is fearmongering.


    1. Bro, seriously, no amount of whining about whether Nazi’s were actually socialist or not is going to make communism or your silly little commie lite DSA any more appealing. Commies are trash. All you little bourgeoisie twits are in for a rude awakening. But your replies are amusing, so there’s that I guess.

      P.S. – Before you get your panties in a twist like other wierdos in your group, no that’s not a personal threat. I just find your self-righteous belief in Marx to be absolutely laughable.

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      1. Where did I mention Marx? I didn’t you did. You seem to be a very unhappy
        person. I never said I believed in Marx. I was explaining that Hitler was not a socialist. End of story.


      2. ROFL, that’s what you got hung up on? I made you look dumb as hell up above, but this is the hill you want to die on? Really??
        News flash, you commie piece of trash, you don’t have to mention Marx. It comes with the name, for those of us who are actually educated and not brainwashed and programmed like the sheeple/NPCs turned out in droves by ISU. Deflection away from how murderous and genocidal communism is just you trying to cover up wanting to do the same thing. Again, you bourgeoisie twits are in for a rude awakening.

        And now you’re trying to diagnose me as being unhappy and you don’t even know me. Projection, bro, look it up.

        Please, keep responding. I love making you DSA commie lite morons get your panties all twisted up.


  4. “You really deleted my reply? And you claim to have 9 million readers.” M Ryan, she’s never claimed that! Easy with the sensationalism, you’re killing me. LMAO!!!


  5. The reason socialism doesn’t work is because as Lenin put it – “The goal of socialism is communism.”
    An unfinished ideology will never work. Not to mention that it requires cancellation of God to survive.

    That’s why Equity will never work. Its goal is 100% identity based decision making. (Racist, sexualist, etc) and the self appointed elites choose the favored identities.

    Much like socialism, it requires authoritarianism and agreement by all to be ruled over. Only a fear filled population will agree to this. Fears like – being called racist, or sexist or naturally self loathing, compliant people who won’t speak up against things they know to be false.

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  6. Regardless of how socialist or communist Krystal is…the fact remains…the average person votes based on party affiliation. Democrats will vote for Able because she has a D by her name. Socialist Chris Koos was re-elected with the help of Republican board and committeemen who had Koos signs in their yards. Many voters assumed Koos was an endorsed Republican.

    The strategy of villainizing Democrats for being too much of a Democrat is flawed.If you want to change things, the you must focus on getting the Democrats out of the Republican Party so there is a party of opposition again.

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  7. I particularly liked reading Krystle Able’s reviews of satanic books on Amazon a while back (since deleted of course) and her profile picture in a moloch getup. She’s quite the expert on the subject. This girl is a mess. A sad mess. Her family situation – a mess. Look it up, it’s not hard to find. Exactly the sort of destruction person you wouldn’t want near the office of dogcatcher, let alone on a county board. Socialists are deeply unhappy and angry people who want everyone else to feel as crappy as they do.

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