Cities 92.9 in the Washington Post 😁

By: Diane Benjamin

The Washington Post, or as Mark Levin calls them – the Washington Compost, printed a story about Cities 92.9:

Everything you need to know about the Washington Post can be summed up by looking at the top stories on their website this morning:

The Washington Post if obviously a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party. They printed every fake talking point about Trump the Democrat Party told them to print.

Now read the #FakeNews article, it’s pretty hilarious.

You won’t want to miss Kathleen Lorenz stating she no longer does interviews with Cities 92.9. She now claims to “lean Republican”. Funny, she used to say she was Republican. Is that fake news Kathleen?

Cities 92.9 provides an alternative viewpoint to stories. Legacy media is failing because it is easy to see “journalist” now means democrat operative . Free speech is essential to finding truth. The Washington Post doesn’t want to risk competition.

Congrats to the whole Cities team. The Washington Post forgot the cardinal rule of #FakeNews: Ignore the competition, we can’t give them publicity. If we pretend they don’t exist nobody will know they do.

Find the podcast of Cat Peterson’s morning show today. She talks about the story, maybe laughs about it is a better description.





19 thoughts on “Cities 92.9 in the Washington Post 😁

  1. Now this is funny. The Washington Compost interviewing and quoting Kathy Lorenz. Kathy’s worried that people don’t trust the media while at the same time perpetuating the distrust by refusing to grant interviews with Cities 92.9. Go figure! Apparently she skipped a logic class at Purdue.

    Hey Kathy, if you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.

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  2. How hilarious. A blog that employs misinformation, disinformation and trades in crackpot
    conspiracy theories is arrogantly dissing the Washing Post. The Washington Post doesn’t care.
    Unlike you, they have to vet their stories and research any science or technical article. It’s
    interesting out of thousands of Washington Post articles you pick a few about Democrats. It’s
    apparent you didn’t read the stories nor did you read the Washington Post. Cities should
    have had its license pulled after the busing to the January 6th Insurrection stunt.

    Just about everything on this blog is false, misleading and repeated trips to crazytown.
    Mark Levin wouldn’t know the truth or how to locate his ass.

    The Washington Post told the truth unlike this blog. The other fact is you heavily edit comments
    and delete those you disagree with, so much for crying about main stream media being unfair.
    The Washington Post told the truth unlike you.
    Washington Post will be around long after this blog bites the dust.


    1. “”Unlike you, they have to vet their stories and research any science or technical article.””

      HA HA that’s a good one. Tell me more about how truth dies in darkness. Tell me more about how vaccines stop transmission of covid. Show me the science that Wa Po used for that one.

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    2. You really don’t have a clue as to what is actually going on this world, so just sit there and figure out your vaccines schedule ok. I think the 4th booster is coming up and of course you’ll need your flu shot too maybe not schedule them too close though, that might be even more risky, and remember there’s no recourse for the vaccine injured… or worse…
      By the way The “conspiracy theorists” are up about 20-0 now in case you care to check the score. OH and you may want to just go ahead and leave Twitter now too things have changed already in the twitterverse it might not be as cozy there for you soon. I can hardly wait until we actually learn how many fake accounts/bots they have had in play over there. In short, “H Cohn” – you are living in a made up world inside an echo chamber and anything that refutes or challenges your fantasy you deem as “misinformation” which is exactly what your masters want you to do.
      Oh you may also want to check the track record of the Washington Post and the NY Times, go back a few years as well, you may want to try a different search engine than Google though so you can find real facts without having to go through 20 pages of search since “woke” google buries anything they don’t like if they indeed include it all.

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      1. For one the vaccination rate is only at 67 percent. To have herd immunity rates
        need to be at 80 percent. If you are vaccinated, boosted your chances of dying
        or being hospitalized are small. At the beginning of the pandemic 2,000
        a day were dying and they were unvaccinated. The virus is still around and can
        still kill if you not vaccinated.

        “All of the data, though, suggest that vaccination plays an important role in preventing infection, illness and death. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the unvaccinated are at far more risk of those
        worst-case outcomes — which might help explain why more-vaccinated blue” counties saw slower growth in deaths during the fourth wave than cases. ”

        Finally I find the blogger outrage over the Washington Post troubling.
        The Washington Post reported truthfully the facts surrounding Cities. They
        did in fact have a rally were a former Marine had an entire speech that
        violence is necessary. They have since taken that video down from their site.
        Washington Post report the radicalization of the station in which they blur the
        line in falsehoods and disinformation. The same with this blogger who likes to
        deal in anti-vaxx and COVID falsehoods. It’s dangerous and deadly to anyone
        who listen to you. If you haven’t read the newspaper then you have no basis
        to criticize the newspaper. To say it a “Democratic mouthpiece” is just down
        right silly. It isn’t and to say so is showing your ignorance that you don’t read the
        newspaper at all. You cherry pick a couple of facts and twist it to your
        worldview, Oh, they have a few articles on Democrats, that makes them a
        “mouthpiece”. No, that makes them a newspaper, they have articles on many
        hard news stories, opinion, including Republican. Your Bad logic doesn’t lend
        to any useful criticism of any newspaper that you happen not to read.


  3. Diane, you should be honored to have so many lefties read your articles. But seriously, I bet WGLT contacted the Washington Post author to write this story. I knew it was b.s. piece when only democrats, including RINO Kathleen Lorenz we’re interviewed.

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  4. Interesting that N Cohn can say their opinion and instead of letting that be N Cohn’s opinion, everybody has to gather pitchforks and jump on a bandwagon together to metaphorically beat them down for daring to dissent. A marketplace of [many] ideas, this blog is not.


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