By: Diane Benjamin

County Board:

The Safe-T Act is going to be a disaster January 1st for your family, criminals get all the benefits. If you don’t want Democrats to take over the County Board and defund the Sheriff’s office, vote Republican.

You MUST vote for TWO candidates or you are helping a democrat get elected. There is only one County Board district with 1 Republican, do not vote for two there: District 6.

The ballot is confusing – it says vote for up to two.

4 thoughts on “VOTE TWO TWO TWO!

  1. Corey Beirne, district 10 candidate, is on Unit 5’s DELT (District Equity Leadership Team). I asked him 3 times in a Nextdoor conversation if he would support bringing Equity based management principles to McLean County administration and he refused to answer.

    I take that to mean that he would likely make budget, finance, justice, and other decisions based on racial or other identity criteria. Identities in the Equity world revolve around skin color, sexual orientation, and other characteristics that its proponents define as “oppressed”. Of course, that means there is also an oppressor and Corey is well versed in who those people are also.

    I would assume that as a leader in the development of unit 5’s Equity Plan, he would also push for an Equity Action Plan in McLean County governance.

    Do not vote for Corey Beirne if you are concerned about the bigotry and divisiveness of Equity.

    1. I sincerely hope and pray the good people of District 10 know better than to elect beirne–the guy who’s comfortable talking to children about sex. Chuck Erickson & Ross Webb are excellent candidates to represent Dist 10.

    Vote for Eduardo Monk ONLY – your “I don’t want to waste it” vote for one of the Dems could put that candidate up enough to keep him out, So Only Vote For *1* In District *6*!

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