Want to Know How Illinois loses Your Money?

By: Diane Benjamin

We hear all the time things like the State of Illinois paying unemployment benefits to scammers. We hear people getting put on Medicaid that aren’t eligible.

This proves the State of Illinois is incompetent. I got this in the mail today, postage was .49. Nobody knows how much the people who sent ZERO balance statements are paid, but they will get a ridiculous pension anyway:

When the people who run government know they can always get more money from you they don’t care about being responsible with the money they have.

Figure out Limited Government yet?

2 thoughts on “Want to Know How Illinois loses Your Money?

  1. Personal experience. IDES is a crazy mess and has been for decades. It all got called out when Covid shutdowns hit. Data breaches, new so called systems and call enter process and lotsa technocrats messed and integrated with 3rd party systems and contractors. Salesforce & SAS process and digital are a huge part of the problem At state level and every state dept level.

    Data Integrity issues, cumbersome identification process border line surveillance calling or security measures after major data breaches. The online forcing of applicants is a joke. No one ever took responsibility. Now they brag that calls are now answers. Which is a whole other run around mess. $$&

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