Tri-Valley tonight

By: Diane Benjamin


Since they aren’t planning on anyone showing up to oppose the Tax Levy, the vote is right after the Public Hearing:

Tri-Valley does not post any supporting documents for Board action. Obviously transparency and pesky taxpayers need to be avoided. The only way to know what the District is doing is attending a meeting.

Below are the 2021 tax rates, all are subject to change

Tri-Valley total Property Tax rate: 5.611840

Unit 5 total Property Tax rate: 5.614470

District 87 total Property Tax rate: 5.172420

Has the Board looked at the enrollment trends?

Elementary students have decreased from 397 to 323 in the last 5 years. Those kids will reverse the trend in the Middle School in future years unless the population of the district changes.

Elementary School Enrollment:

Middle School Enrollment:

High School Enrollment:

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