Update: Challenges invalid and dismissed

If you didn’t read the decision, both objections were dismissed because the objectors didn’t include their addresses on the documents filed. The actual merits of their cases were never heard since not including their addresses violated state law.

By: Diane Benjamin

No one was kicked off the ballot. Details are in the File below. The objectors can appeal to Circuit Court.

3 thoughts on “Update: Challenges invalid and dismissed

    1. How is it disappointing? If you’re going to cast a stone on the reason of a procedural error, then make sure your own house is in order. The failure of the objectors is 100% on themselves. If they really wanted this to happen, they could have proofread their own paperwork or have someone else put it together.

      In their claim is that these candidates shouldn’t be on the ballot because of these issues, should they first take themselves off the ballot to show that should be the remedy?

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    2. Yes, Very Disappointing. I never heard these objections were even contemplated, much less filed, so I was wondering how the Town Of Normal objections had been thrown out without me heaing anything about it, but wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth.
      As JT alludes to, you should Never file Anything without having somebody with at least a modicum of experience look it over, ideally a qualified attorney. This was exactly the same dismissal that tossed the objection to Donna Tomey’s Normal Council run in ’21. If you’re a Conservative or Liberal candidate (Liberal as in Liberty, not Leftist, or Woke, or any other flavor of evil that is mislabeled as liberal.) I’ll be glad to proof documents if I have time. I’m not an attorney, so my “this is what I would do in your shoes” advice may be worth every penny you don’t pay for it, but an extra set of eyes would have at least led to a decision based on the merits rather than on technicalities.


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