Picking Barickman’s replacement

By: Diane Benjamin

If the Illinois Republican Party ever wants to have a voice in Springfield they have to fix the party first. It needs to start at the top with Don Tracy resigning immediately. The Republican Party needs to rid itself of democrats. The current leadership hates the party base.

The Party Chairs of numerous counties are in the process of interviewing candidates to replace Jason Barickman. The choice is between:

  • the next in line

Don Tracy must have no voice in the decision because he will pick the person most like the democrats, another do-nothing Republican in name only.

Illinois Review is under new ownership. See their website here and sign up for their emails: https://www.illinoisreview.com/

They are doing great work proving Tracy interfered in 2022 elections after publicly stating the people get to choose primary candidates. It wasn’t just with governor, although pushing Democrat Richard Irvin was obvious.

If you haven’t seen their stories here are some of them:






In case you forgot, the Illinois GOP interfered in a local primary too – Scott Preston vrs Jim Fisher:  https://blnnews.com/2022/06/24/scott-prestons-pretend-family-gets-around/


Who gets picked will determine whether the Illinois GOP can be fixed or not. If Barickman’s replace is just the “next in line” they need written off permanently.

The party base is sick of political favors and self-serving clowns in office. They deserve better. The Illinois GOP actively worked against candidates, winning elections for them is an accident.



3 thoughts on “Picking Barickman’s replacement

    1. They are compensated for agreeing to sell-out their state, community, country, neighbors. Locally, that is scott preston, kathy lorenz, and others who PRETEND they are Republicans but are truly democrats. Compensated: job, property, benefits, travel, power, etc. RINO’s are worse than democrats in that they are LIARS about their identity. If you see lorenz and preston, be sure to tell them they’re posers and we know it.

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  1. This is not so much an appointment for an empty seat as a clarification on the definition of RINO. Some people think the republicans believe in freedom, low taxes, and generally conservative values. But looking at Actions rather than Rhetoric, that has generally Not been the case in the republican Party, just in republican Households. So if they appoint a ‘Democrat in Disguise’, that will show the true colors of the Party. So if you personally believe in less government debt and less regulations, then YOU are actually the Rino, because those run counter the tenets of the Republican Party, as exemplified by its leadership and the majority of its elected officials.

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