Bloomington: $31.5 Trillion in debt is immaterial

By: Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll:

806 Employees, remember when the City had 650?

Maybe shows aren’t booked because you have to pay up first?

Your cost for empty buses:


National debt is now $31.5 trillion. That doesn’t include all the unfunded liabilities that can never be paid. Our national security is being threatened and evidently nobody cares. Maybe Bloomington is tired of watching Normal soak up MILLIONS to get what they can’t afford. Bloomington wants their cut:

This is who was picked to bring home the bacon, who needs elected representatives in DC?

PDF page 99: Fiscal Year 2024 John M. Scott Health Care Trust Award Recommendations

See the list yourself


Even though members of the Council are going to be different on May 1st after the April election, the Council will set priorities in stone future councils need to abide by:

Each of these was further defined on PDF pages 104-105. Details can be troublesome however. Incentivise appears a few times. When government tries to pay people to do what they desire it never ends well. Seen the two empty banks in Uptown?

Listed under Housing Diversity is ending/reducing homelessness. Looks like an oxymoron here. The two aren’t necessarily related.



7 thoughts on “Bloomington: $31.5 Trillion in debt is immaterial

  1. All of the democrats need to each volunteer to let a homeless person live with them in their house. Who among them will actually do this?

  2. Don’t worry about item # 4. Promote is just a word they use mean they will talk about it.

    No affordable residential development of any meaningful scale will happen within the city of Bloomington. Why ? Because there isn’t any PROFIT in it. Freestanding single family homes are for people with money in 2023. Everyone else rents a pod at the discretion of a landlord. And that’s just the way the city of Bloomington wants it.

  3. The federal, state, and local government debt is horrendous. The more debt they create it costs everyone namely by inflation, a devaulued dollar and higher consumer interest rates. Not a one of them seem to care. Just keep raising the debt ceiling.
    There was a Youtube video I watched recently and the presenter gave some numbers for how many hours worked it took to pay for an average home and vehicle in the 1960’s compared to today. I can see why my parents always seemed to be able to save money. Now everyone is slammed with falling wages, devauled dollar, and not to mention sky rocket energy prices. Everything the government seems to tax in some way.
    The younger generation seems to want to blame the boomer generation for the federal defcit. Yet they were all for a student loan debt relief adding more to the debt. They don’t seem to be able to vote on economic issues and flock to social issues when voting. I’ve said they will be the poorest generation later in life. Most will have burned thru any inheritance they had. The former Home Depot CEO really ripped on them in the news lately. OMG I wish you could have read some comments some of them posted on a website with the article. Calling him an old coot, HD should pay more (most expect a CEO salary to start with for doing nothing). Basically he called them lazy.

    1. What devalued dollar? The United States dollar has Not been devalued. Inflation is down to 6.7 with plunging gas prices.

      After WWII we as a country had debt of a 120 percent of our GDP. Those were the years you’re complaining about everyone having everything. Well our tax base was larger with corporations and wealthy people paying higher taxes.

      The last 4 years of Clinton’s presidency also gave us 4 federal budget surpluses. This was because of a slightly higher maximum federal income tax rate while capping government spending, mainly because of the post-cold war drop in military spending during the longest growth cycle (10 years) in U.S. history.

      Trump’s administration tax cuts have significantly added to the debt. Austerity didn’t work in Great Britain and it wouldn’t work here.

      As for student debt relief, college education cost have skyrocketed. Taking out a loan that will have you pay more in your lifetime than if you brought a home is not sustainable for our kids or for our country.

      So your push to fire people and end all kinds of government won’t work to stop debt. Demonizing 20 and 30 something’s won’t work out either. The fact is this country needs more taxes and income. So we need those people working. The No government people have no argument. This country was in debt during George Washington administration from the Revolutionary War.

      1. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read all day. Wherever you’re getting your information from, they’re lying to you.

  4. We now have a government that refuses to follow their own laws, to pass new laws. Next the same government pays lobbyist to bribe government to give back some of our money, that government took. Might be a new definition of insanity.

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