Tri-Valley continues to fail at transparency

By: Diane Benjamin

Tri-Valley held a school board meeting on January 18th. I attended the December meeting:

All I asked of them is post all information the school board members see before meetings.

They failed again!

The agenda was posted, noting else.

The Board has retreat schedule for January 31st. The agenda is posted, nothing else:

This behavior by supposed public servants is unacceptable. They aren’t spending their money, they are spending YOURS. It is way past time to show up to vote in April. They will continue to ignore taxpayers until they are forced to listen.



2 thoughts on “Tri-Valley continues to fail at transparency

  1. Unfortunately the corporate connected elites and rich that live I. That district could care less and promote this crap. I highly doubt any want to stir the waters by speaking the truth and stand don’t uo for the working class taxpayers amd students. Thanks for staying on top of it!

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