Absolute proof local elections are partisan

Why do Democrats need contributions if local elections are non-partisan?

Obviously they aren’t!

4 thoughts on “Absolute proof local elections are partisan

  1. Of course they’re partisan. One of the key tactics of democrats is to lie. They must be liars. They’ll continue to insist local elections are non-partisan. Thankfully, we know the truth.

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  2. Democrats understand the power of getting Democrats elected in non-partisan elections. Republicans don’t.. Local conservatives are left to fight the Democrat machine without GOP support. Where was the GOP when the Democrats brought in Democrat attorney Kasper? Where were they in keeping Democrat poster boy Koos from being re-elected 5 times?

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  3. Because when has rules ever stopped them from raising money are doing what they want? Our Local GOP need to campaign strategically for elections. Not for candidates.

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