Unit 5 doesn’t want you to know an election is coming

By: Diane Benjamin

The Unit 5 School Board did nothing to control costs, they just want you to pay more. They are putting the exact same referendum back on the April ballot. That is the same referendum that was defeated in November. The only way it passes in April is if supporters vote and you don’t.

Since local elections are kept secret, apply now to vote by mail. Even if you vote in person you will be able to review the ballot before voting AND you won’t forget to vote:

County: https://mcleancountyil.gov/votebymail

Bloomington: https://bloomingtonelectionsil.gov/consolidated-election/vote-by-mail/

School Board members are elected to represent taxpayers. Unit 5 only has one person who does that, Jeremy DeHaai. The reason Unit 5 keeps coming back to your wallet is because the current School Board does not represent the people paying the bills. They are no different from the bobbleheads on the Normal Town Council. Since a union contract expires soon taxpayers need representatives who are going to represent them!

If representatives of taxpayers aren’t elected the wolves will be negotiating how many sheep to have for dinner.

Here’s who is running:

This election is easy. Thanks to one candidate who made it clear the union supports 2 of them:

The two running for reelection are obviously part of the problem. Those two have done nothing to control costs and both support you paying more property taxes.

Voting for Amy Roser, Kelly Pyle, Mark Adams, and Alex Williams will guarantee your taxes will increase.

A 15% or less turnout will do the same thing.

Unit 5 is counting on you NOT voting.

Follow Angels4Freedom for more information: https://www.angels4freedom.com/events

Four of the other 5 candidates will be at their meeting on February 6th.



4 thoughts on “Unit 5 doesn’t want you to know an election is coming

  1. I agree with you that Jeremy Dehaai is a good steward of taxpayer funds. Did you know he actually supports the passage of this referendum?

    Maybe those current conservative candidates should take sime time to speak with him. Spouting off on a campaign website is easy. Actually governing requires knowledge.


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