Kathleen Lorenz-re-appears on Cities 92.9

By: Diane Benjamin

Kathleen thinks her, Karyn Smith, and Andy Byars are the positive candidates. Of course she implies the other 3 aren’t.

I am positive these 3 will raise taxes and fees, vote for more bike paths, throw your money to the underpass when it goes way over budget, pretend government creates markets, and 99% of the time back whatever is presented by the City Manager. I’m positive they will shut down small businesses again if another “emergency” is declared. Big box stores are okay though.

Lorenz loves TIF districts. She ignores the empty buildings in Uptown that were created through incentives and abandoned when the incentives expired. Amtrak and City Hall are government. Children’s Discovery Museum is government. 1 Uptown Circle was heavily subsidized development by government. The other “planned” large buildings haven’t materialized and will be heavily subsidized too.

Lorenz ignores the ridiculous rent Normal pays for the 2nd floor of Uptown Circle even though the Council instructed the City Manager to find a way out of that lease several years ago.

Lorenz wants to “get back to governing”. That must mean ignoring the thousands of people who signed a petition to save the mural. That must mean ignoring the people who signed a petition to simply move the soon to be built east-side fire station across the street. That must mean no more Citizen Summits because average citizens showed up instead of the “invited only”. That must mean ignoring the citizens who signed a petition to put Districts on the ballot. She thinks At-Large that represents nobody is fine.

What Kathleen is really saying is the Council needs to be populated with YES people who don’t represent taxpayers. Progressives need to lead the way in the future, you peons need to sit in the back seat. The bobbleheads know how your money should be spent, they don’t want your opinion.

She of course mentions her kids, she can’t help herself. Why don’t they live here Kathleen?

49:40. Kathleen claims she is non partisan now. She used to say she’s Republican. She also claims to be fiscally disciplined. I wonder how she feels about that Rivian sitting in Koos’ driveway without government plates even though taxpayers bought it? Who gets the second Rivian Kathleen?

Listen to the interview here, 1/29/2023. It starts at 1:00:30 https://www.cities929.com/speechles/

Note to Kathleen who has told me twice she doesn’t like to see her name here: REAL people are paying Normal’s bills. Consider them instead of your married name. Nobody forced you to run again.

15 thoughts on “Kathleen Lorenz-re-appears on Cities 92.9

  1. If Koos truly has a Rivian paid for by the tax payer with his personal plates on it we need to call the AG immediately. This has to be ILLEGAL… But sadly I am sure Brian Day and OUTSIDE lawyers are ready to defend him. This is yet another sad day for Normal…

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    1. Clarification: they’re not His personal plates. They are personal plates, not government plates, but as far as we know still in the name of Town of Normal. But we were told this was to a a ‘pool vehicle’, not a luxury perk for the mayor; registering personal plates costs more than government plates; annual renewals for personal plates cost more than government plates. Standard Town of Normal procedure – their actions are unethical and wasteful, but not illegal.

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  2. Outside in seems she always likes to portray image of the successful & Perfect mother with successful and connected kids. Not normal. Political image is all. But smart folks see the rhetoric. I hope.

    It’s one thing to be proud of your kids and family. Most normal folks are. It’s another thing to mention and exploit them for image and gain.


    1. She lives vicariously through them. Not a good look at all. She should stand on her own accomplishments in business. Oh wait…


  3. Get ride of the election machine  and let learn to count. Or foia the cast vote records

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  4. I thought Kathy told the Washington Post that she didn’t view Cities 92.9 as a valid news outlet. I guess all that changes when she’s trying to get reelected and get votes by posing as a conservative. Just when we all hoped she was gone, she’s back.

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  5. Lorenz. smeh. she can only operate in a corrupt rube-hole like Normal. She is completely unelectable outside the village/town limits. Turnout is gonna be low – her opponents actually have a chance – IF- …

    actually Not My Problem… but

    watching her cry those bitter grifter tears after losing to Andy Byars would be fun to watch tho..

    Her arrogance and contempt for regular working taxpayers is legendary – and only the most sold out Koos licker can stand in front of a mirror and say ‘ I proudly voted for Kathleen Lorenz’.


    1. She is not running against Andy, she’s running with him.
      Andy was her campaign manager last election.
      Andy is following in Kathleen’s footsteps of Koos appointing her to the planning commission then standing her up to run for the council.
      Andy = Kathleen
      They are both Koos puppets.

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  6. Second time in about a week you’ve targeted someone’s children. That’s a real shame Diane we know you’re better than that


  7. She uses the children I believe someone else said she Lorenz uses her children , if so Lorenz should be the one scolded not Diane she is just reporting and allowing those that have an opinion to express themselves.

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