West Side Neighbors Candidate Forum

The two video below are from West Side Neighbors Facebook page. They are evidently inviting a few candidates at a time to speak to their group. Brad Wurth and Mollie Emery were also there.

Since Danenberger and Hendricks skipped a forum I attended, these videos will allow you to hear both for yourself. Both think Bloomington revolves around downtown, a decades old story that never changes. Danenberger mentioned spending time in Germany but he NEVER mentioned being a veteran. Strange behavior unless he wasn’t honorably discharged. Nobody asked.

Danenberger wants to explore building a hotel next to the Coliseum. (sound familiar?)

He also wants Public-Private partnerships, like when Bloomington hired CIAM to run the Coliseum and got robbed because nobody was watching them!

Public always loses (you), private prospers with your money. Steve Nalefski is a better choice.

Cody Hendricks is pro downtown streetscape plan nobody has seen yet. He thinks the plan should include a road diet-too many cars downtown driving too fast. We wants to see downtown walkability and bikeability. Jordan Baker is his opponent.

16 thoughts on “West Side Neighbors Candidate Forum

  1. These downtown issues are really about forcing government control and limiting citizens access to personal transportation.

  2. The lack of quality candidates is so disappointing. But…if we continue to sit on the sidelines, I guess we are getting what we sadly deserve.

      1. ‘Opponents aren’t crazies’ – True, but as you mentioned elsewhere, too many races are unopposed, and not always because the one candidate is just so good.
        Support good candidates. If there aren’t enough/any then
        Recruit good candidates. If there aren’t enough/any then
        Become good candidates.

        And I walk the walk, which is why I’m running; and happy to help good candidates interested in running next time.

  3. Understand, my comment was a generalization. I truly appreciate the conservative candidates who invest their time and talents. Normal has three good candidates however Unit 5 seems to be lacking and we are in need of a desperate turn around there.

    1. And re Unit5, I share some of the misgivings that have been posted on this site, but I’ll make the same comment I have in my pocket for any comments about my comparative inexperience vs some of my opponents -“Would you rather have a candidate who will only do a good job working for you, or would you rather have a candidate who will do a great job working against you?”
      (You can adjust the good and great as you see fit, but the sentiment holds…)

    2. Respectfully disagree. These 4 candidates running for Unit 5 school board are excellent: Mollie Emery, Dennis Frank, Amee Jada, & Brad Wurth. The 2 incumbents voted to Opt In to Comprehensive Sex Education, among other things. That says a lot about their character. They are also backed by the union, as are Adams & Williams. The School Board is there to advocate for the Children, the Parents and the Taxpayers. Currently, the school board only advocates for the union.

      1. FedUp – I don’t see that as disagreement at all! You’re citing specifics of how the other candidates are ‘working against you’which is my main point.
        Whether one rates them as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’, we’re both voting for Dennis, Amee, Mollie, & Brad.

  4. Build a hotel next to coliseum? Where? They going tear down the leaky parking garage? Or are they going to tear down the apartment complex that elderly folks live in?

  5. Please look into the heyworth teacher situation! 8th grade English teacher brought in a book for the class from her own library without school approval. This book shows and tells how to perform sex acts , gay, lesbian straight etc. It goes into details. Search it on Fb and please get the word out. This teacher needs to be reprimanded and not let heyworth schools sweep it under the rug.

      1. The parents are speaking up and not standing for it. Several went to the board meeting last night. It’s in the hands of administrators and they have swept things under the rug for years. This the parents won’t allow. The more it gets out and gets attention the more admin has to finally do something about it.

        1. The parents, grandparents and other residents must stay on this and not let up for one minute. You can be sure the Superintendent will be pressured to sweep this under the rug. Don’t let her. Hold this disgusting teacher accountable, and hopefully fired. Straight up tell Lisa, “we know you’re being pressured to keep her. Well we’re the pressure to make sure she’s fired AND that any and all pornographic books are gone from the school.

  6. A hotel+coliseum+sky bridge to conference center was a Tari Renner fantasy/pipe dream dating back awhile ago – but Danenbadger is keeping the dream alive –

    Time keeps on slipping into the future.

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