2 lawyers donated their time to Normal?

By: Diane Benjamin

At court the day Judge Fellheimer ruled for Normal four lawyers were there representing the Town.

One was the Town attorney (Brian Day) and one was Michael Kasper. One other lawyer said nothing but the 4th lawyer did a lot of talking. I don’t believe the 3rd and 4th lawyer worked for Kasper’s firm.

Evidently the third and 4th lawyers worked for free. I FOID’d the legal bills, only Michael Kasper billed Normal. He either doesn’t charge much for his services (only $285 per hour) or Normal got a discount. Chicago lawyers charge much more than that!

Kasper only billed $12,524.98 even though he was in McLean County multiple times. Between 11/18/22 and 1/25/23 he billed 43.2 hours. His bill also included expenses.

See page 9-11 in what I received below. Other bills for outsourced legal are also included. Look at what the un-elected Clerk sent and tell me what all the spots and dashes mean? Is she sending an SOS? Braille?

One thought on “2 lawyers donated their time to Normal?

  1. While the attorneys didn’t receive cold hard cash for their trouble, their “compensation” was probably already paid by Madigan. Kooskoos is one the leftists helping destroy Illinois and Normal. They continue to TAX us into the stratosphere. Before we know it, most of our earnings will be going to government at some level: Normal, Illinois. and the Feds. We’ll be “lucky” to keep anything. Unless of course you’re employed by Normal, Bloomington, ISU, the County, the State, government jobs. Then you receive a 3 % Cost of Living increase every year. People employed in the private sector receive no such luxury. Undoubtedly, these lawyers were paid one way or the other.

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