3 Things

By: Diane Benjamin


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I’m still celebrating there were no council meetings last night. 😁 (5th Monday of July)


For Mollie Ward’s gun violence prevention committee:

a) Gun buyback program isn’t a new thought – don’t claim you came up with it. Besides, criminals don’t sell their guns.

b) Don’t plan a “peacekeeper” program either. It was a failure in Chicago. Peoria is trying to pay NGO’s for the same purpose, that’s also called shoveling money to supporters for programs with no verifiable way to prove they made a difference.

c) Real change: The Boys and Girls club is helping kids. They produce provable results. They are only 1/3 of the way to raising the money they need to build a larger facility. Mollie needs to find a way to raise the money they need.

See PDF page 5 in this newsletter: https://bgcbn.org/summer-newsletter-2023/

5 thoughts on “3 Things

  1. ha ha im going to only comment on the gun issue here, not that knucklehead mollie will be reading it…dianne makes a good point, criminals dont sell guns, most of the time they dont even buy them (usually borrowed or stolen). http://www.heyjackass.com will tell you all you need to know how well “gun control” works. sooo question for mollie whens the buyback for hammers, clubs and (human) feet? seriously? because FBI stat year after year: more hammers, clubs and feet are used to kill people than the big bad scary rifles are…but that doesnt fit the narrative now does it? keep yo ignorant soup coolers idle unless you have facts to bring to the table mollie. also a fact boys and girls clubs do help kids stay out of trouble. families with a father present also keep kids out of trouble. quit preaching this holier than thou smut about guns when you dont have a clue.

  2. Mollie Ward I have news for you you want to stop gun violence a gun a buy back program is pie in the sky the criminals are not going to turn their guns in. You want to make a positive move to curb gun violence anyone caught doing something illegal with a gun goes to jail for life no get out of jail free card no plea deals no slap on the wrist no “I promise that i won’t do it again”.
    It is a proven fact that those individuals that constantly break the law will eventually do something terrible such as killing someone and more than likely with a gun. What is a fix lock them up and throw the key away guaranteed gun violence will drop dramatically.
    You ever wonder why blue cities or demoncrat controlled cities have so much violence and killings which has been going on for years and years with no let up in site. Why they have had program after program for years yet no drop in the shootings. Just look at the background of those using guns and fix the whys of those backgrounds and you may have an impact on curbing gun violence.
    You have the same liberal mind set which has proven not to solve anything sorry but that is the truth!!!!!

  3. 3-A- BPD is already doing it. Right now they are trying to find a new source to destroy the guns, older agencies they used no longer available. Hope to start up again this fall. Ms Ward does not seem to have the current Data.I also agree that criminals are not selling their guns back. More Data- most confiscated guns used in police involved events have been used in multiple crimes. FYI

  4. Gun-by-back events are nothing more than the leftist progressive marxist democrat do-gooders trying to appear as though they care about violence against innocent people. They most certainly do not care about the innocent victims of crime as demonstrated by how very little they do to stop it. BTW, guns are not the problem. The problem is the douche-bag career criminals who pull the trigger.

  5. Please have a gun buyback, Miss Molly.

    Pretty please. With sugar on top! Make sure you invest $200 or more for each gun. Maybe more to ensure a solid turnout. Don’t let Decatur’s $225 outshine B-N. Better yet, offer $20 or $25 for high capacity magazines too!

    I will be happy to volunteer to help make it a success!

    Gun buybacks are great!

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