Downtown Transformation

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember this eyesore in downtown Bloomington?

That was what the former CII East building looked like for many years. The City of Bloomington gave away FUTURE money to a new developer, see this story:

What did the future money buy? This is the same building yesterday:

That is a complete transformation!

Since the only taxpayer money involved is future money that would have never existed, losing an eyesore is worth it.

See the listing on for pictures of the inside and pricing. Yes, the rent is ridiculous for most people. It gets better – keep reading down the page:

Did you know Bloomington is a “thriving suburb in the Midwest”? Of what? Chicago?

The location scores a 90/100 as a “walker’s paradise”.

Your Friday Connect Transit chuckle:

One more note: The developers of this property and the old Coachman hotel property are the same: Andrew Kaufman and Robert Ozenga. Robbie spoke at Public Comment in Normal last Monday in support of the Archer project he is also involved in. Normal hasn’t given the project any money, just annexed the property.

5 thoughts on “Downtown Transformation

  1. Probably residences for Madigan’s Chicago attorneys who come to town to defend suits brought by citizens. Who else could afford it?

  2. This is a huge improvement over what had been a neglected property for many years. These developers have set themselves apart from many in the past who came with their hand out, but never produced any worthwhile results.

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