Bloomington: LONG Executive Session

By: Diane Benjamin

The actual Committee of the Whole meeting was only around 25 minutes. The video is 1 hour and 45 minutes. Most of the video is an empty stage waiting for the council to return and adjourn.

None of the accolades handed out were on video, the camera angle never changed. The slides shown are easier to see on the video. On the Live Stream I didn’t even notice them.

3 people signed up for Public Comment, only one showed up – Mark Adams. He is a County employee and a Unit 5 Board member. He was there to beg the council to do something about homelessness. Evidently the Salvation Army has been stopped from housing people for safety reasons. Adams wants the City to waive violations because of the need? I am not able to verify any of what Adams said. Comment if you know.

Just hit play to here his comment:

One thought on “Bloomington: LONG Executive Session

  1. Homelessness is a social issue, not a city issue. Private donations should be made to non-profits like Salvation Army and Home Sweet Home Ministries so they can expand their services. Social safety nets are the purview of the State and Federal government. HUD is supposed to be a solution.

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