Normal: Applying for grants again

By: Diane Benjamin

So far this fiscal year the federal government has spent $1.61 TRILLION more than it collected in taxes. That is why inflation will continue.

That didn’t stop Normal from applying for a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. They want $100,000 and will find out in November is they get it. Normal taxpayers will be matching it:

The Council spent 41 minutes before the council meeting hearing an update on the Public Art they included in the budget. Public comment had a long line of art supporters.

The actual council meeting doesn’t start until 59:00 on the video.

Congrats Normal: All the microphones worked! They also added in some overhead video of the council.

Kathleen Lorenz voted against the 1 year extension for the parking lot paving. She wants the full weight of government brought down against the property owners since they had 5 years to comply. She was the only one. Koos said the developer(s) would comply. If Climate Change was real Koos wouldn’t want the two parking lots paved – that will require fossil fuels!

See her comments starting at 1:04:40.

Kathleen tried again with the cannabis ordinance changes. She wanted to limit the number of dispensaries in Normal to 4. See 1:28:42. The rules don’t apply anymore pertaining to how long a Trustee can speak, she got way longer than what Koos’ previous rules were. Her amendment failed, only Scott Preston voted with her. Lorenz mentioned limiting the number would help staff not have the measure every possible location which could be as many as 8. The rest are in love with the tax revenue evidently.

Keep in mind a dispensary can not be located in Uptown. Alcohol is for sale in Uptown, more hypocrisy by those who claimed it’s a legal product and shouldn’t be re-litigated. (Kevin McCarthy)

Bloomington put a limit of 2 in when they passed their original ordinance.

Normal had an Executive Session too but they didn’t let the video run so we don’t know how late they were there.

5 thoughts on “Normal: Applying for grants again

  1. More pandering from kathy lorenz and scott preston. Building their street cred for the next “election.” Hoping to bamboozle people into voting for them as republicans. They’re not and never were. Simply place holders for the elite so they can schmooze at cocktail parties. We see what fakes and phonies you are. We know the truth.
    BTW it’s ALL Tax Payer Money. A Grant is our Tax Payer Money. They call it a grant so those who are easily fooled believe the not so benevolent government is giving is something. They took the money from us in the form of taxes and are now returning it to us and calling it a grant. Again, we see the shell game. You’re not fooling anyone. The government has nothing without Our Tax Money.

  2. There’s a lot I could say about the discussion on limiting cannabis dispensaries in Normal, but I’ll begin by addressing Council Member McCarthy. Kevin expressed his desire to move past the issue of “legislating morality” so that he can get on with the task of “governing.” Something I hear often from this Council.

    Mr. McCarthy, you and your colleagues on the Normal Town Council don’t govern me. Never have and never will. I live in the United States of America where the citizens should be governing you.

    1. “Legislating morality” is pretty much all the left does, if you don’t count variations on corruption. People should donate to the poor, people should not mistreat minorities, people should not pollute more than necessary, people should save for their old age, people should appreciate and support the arts – all good ideas, but there’s a difference between a good idea and a good law. Even what some consider them legislating Immorality is usually just their version of morality.

  3. Don’t forget Preston and Lorenz campaigned for the Unit 5 tax hike. These two claim to be Republicans but they vote for nearly every tax hike that comes their way. I heard Preston is planning to run for Senator as a RINO Republican.

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