BJHS Failure to prepare!

By: Diane Benjamin

Summers should be the time schools are readied for the next school year. Bloomington failed. This text was sent to BJHS parents today:

Bloomington Jr High: BJHS Families,
As you know, this heat wave is putting a strain on the BJHS air conditioning system.  While we have technicians working on the units, we have been unable to get them functioning at a level that allows for an acceptable learning environment.

Out of an abundance of caution and with the safety and well-being of our students and staff in mind, the decision has been made to be remote on Tuesday, August 22, 2023.  Students at BJHS will NOT be in attendance.  Students in other buildings in District 87 will attend as usual.  BJHS staff have prepared paper-pencil remote learning…

Can anyone name a year a heat-wave didn’t happen as soon as the kids go back to school?

14 thoughts on “BJHS Failure to prepare!

  1. Any moron knows it gets hot and humid in August! What did the schools do before a/c? Weak administrations produce weak students.

  2. When I was a kid, we didn’t start school till early September and got out in early June. Weird how they did things back in the day, huh? Kind of sensible.

  3. Attended Oakdale grade school in the early 60’s. We didn’t have air conditioning, just open windows, gnats and all.
    And we liked it!!

  4. Unreal. My elementary school didn’t have air conditioning. Come to think of it neither did our school bus, our house or our car. And we all managed to survive.

  5. What part of SUMMER doesn’t the morons on the school board get? They are to busy organizing drag queen shows to notice the heat and be proactive? how many months did they have to check out the air conditioning systems? morons don’t even begin to describe the board.

  6. The a/c isn’t for the students . It’s for the benefit of the whiny progressive unionized teachers.

    Stop kidding yourselves. It hasn’t been ‘about the kids’ for a long time. It’s about an agenda for a union composed of teachers that hate you, your family and your values.

  7. Not sure what is going on here, is BLNnews blaming the machine for breaking down. Machines sometimes break down. Machines can work fine one day and the next something catastrophic can happen (no matter how well it is maintained) and cause the machine to stop working. IMO, D87 is erring on the side of caution.

  8. Previous District 87 Administration, head if maintenance, dropped the ball. Knew this system was going out, yet decide to “patch” the issue. Knew this how long ago? 4-5 years? Wrong individuals making the wrong decisions, yet getting six figure salaries.

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