Normal tonight: you will comply!

By: Diane Benjamin

West College isn’t being fixed because it is STILL being designed:

Maybe the Town is trying to decide how to build it since inflation ate their grant.

Gravel parking lots aren’t good enough in Normal. (don’t they drain better than paved?) They were good enough for a special use permit in 2018, but they permit expires in September. See PDF page 90. The property owners now have until July of 2024 to pave them for student housing – 70 spaces or get fined $500 a day.


The proposed settlement agreement will encourage code compliance without unduly burdening the
availability of parking for student housing.

(Paving in Koosland isn’t unduly burdening unless you are talking about fixing the roads.)

See PDF page 99:

The Council will revise the cannabis locations required distance to schools, daycares, and churches. There is still no proposed limit on the number of dispensaries. New dispensaries have to be at least 1500 feet from existing ones.

Jeff Fritzen’s case against the Town and High Haven pertaining to the way that location was handled continues in court – next hearing 9/14:

Normal has an executive session too:

8 thoughts on “Normal tonight: you will comply!

  1. I honestly think the real objective of all these grandiose “plans” is to keep funneling our tax money to, “consultants.” In Hunter Biden’s case, he painted pictures and received money. In our case, we pay consultants in tax dollars & receive blueprints and written reports. Same difference. BTW, Grant money is our tax money. Too many people forget that, and chris koos sure isn’t going to frame it that way.

    1. Project reports, preliminary design plans and final design plans are requirements of state and federal agencies when using state and federal funds. Without those funds very few road improvements would ever happen. Don’t blame the Town and City for consultant costs to complete these items.

        1. Takes over a year to complete and get approval of preliminary plans and environmental studies required by FHWA, IDOT, EPA, etc. For a project this size. Cities and consultants would love to see the process proceed faster.

  2. See student rents go thru roof. What is the problem with gravel driveways? The streets of normal are worse than gravel driveways. And nothing is being done about them!

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