Update: Editorial: Don’t Vote County Board

I’m told the established rules require 10 votes for a chair regardless of who is present.

By: Diane Benjamin

The County Board now has two vacancies. Since every District has two elected officials everyone still has representation. The only District that doesn’t have the same representation is 5, it used to have a Democrats and a Republican. District 8 had 2 Democrats, now they have one.

What the County doesn’t have is a chairman since the resignation of John McIntyre. The Board does have an acting chairman and should be left that way until VOTERS decide.

Thursday the Board will meet and are planning to vote for a chair. For the last 2 months at least one person has not attended a meeting. In July Republican William Friedrich was absent, In August Democrat Jack Abraham was absent according to the minutes. The June minutes won’t load, see for yourself: https://mcleancountyil.gov/Archive.aspx

When the Board is evenly split between Democrats and Republicans a vote Thursday could come down to who shows up. Control of the Board should not be decided by attendance.

Elections are a little over a year away. There is no reason to fill the two empty seats or decide a chair before the voters get to decide who has the majority/chairmanship on the Board.

The vote for chair should be when the new Board is seated after the next election. There is zero reason for either side to attempt to seize political advantage at this time. If elections matter both sides will maintain the status quo instead of turning the Board into a spectacle.

Expect a spectacle. A RINO Republican could be a disaster for McLean County because of a power grab by Democrats.

The meeting is at 5:30 Thursday. https://mcleancountyil.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/9751

3 thoughts on “Update: Editorial: Don’t Vote County Board

  1. Because progressives have decided that the new meaning of Democracy is when democrats rule the “deplorables”, they will gladly and self righteously power grab any time that is an available option. Bet on it.

  2. John McIntyre should have let the voters decide in the last election. Instead, he pulls this resignation garbage. They always do this. Instead of letting the voters decide, they run, win, & resign. We see it all the time. And imho, he was part of the local elite establishment, not truly conservative.

  3. Another prediction is that if the progressives take control Corey Bierne will begin establishing “Equity” policies in McLean County Government much like he is part of at Unit 5.

    Which is illegally sanctioning racial and gender discrimination when passing out county resources, discrimination in hiring, promotions, layoffs, new policing policies, along with identity training and “anti-racism” (victimhood ideology).

    Remember Ibram Kendi – “the only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination”.

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