How to END America: Use Kids

by: Diane Benjamin

The local school board members have lost their senses! I have talked to 2 supposed conservatives who don’t see a problem with the Federal takeover of education. Wasn’t it 6 months ago conservatives were calling for the elimination of the Department of Education? Now the left wing has bought their way into schools with Race to the Top dollars.Young kids are ready for school. Education, family, learning

Indiana just passed and signed legislation banning Common Core.
Illinois still hasn’t seen the light!

Read the below Myths vrs Facts:
Common Core:

Did you know:

  • Education privacy law (FERPA) was overturned by regulatory changes enacted by the Dept. of Education — this appears to have been done in preparation for the “longitudinal” records (i.e., kept over time, throughout your kid’s schooling) which Common Core requires be kept on your child.
  • Your child’s school records will include over 400 data points, including your family’s income, political leanings, your child’s birth – whether premature or full term, weight at birth, and a record of every visit to the school counselor.
  • These records will travel with your child and be passed on to his future employer.
  • These records will be maintained by private companies. No guarantees against hacking.
  • The “rigorous” curriculum which Common Core supports is not intended to get him into college, but into a trade school or junior college.
  • Literature is downgraded in the curriculum with 70% of reading being non-fiction, including the EPA’s “Recommended Levels of Insulation.” Boy, that will inspire a lot of students!! See the Washington Post article about that:

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One thought on “How to END America: Use Kids

  1. The Democrats are not going to do anything to stop Obama from finishing the work of bringing America down to a 3rd world country. This plan was put in place in the 1960’s with the radical American hating hippies and has been in the works all these years turning our schools into training grounds for the communist party and this is happening right before our eyes and will be hard to stop. Every evil leader since Karl Marx (Father of Communism) has known how to overthrough the state of government by getting control of the people and what better way but with the government runned schools and colleges bought and paid for with our tax dollars. Yes we have been paying for the take over of our country! Destroying faith in God is part of their take over transformation also. The way people think about the Bible today only weakens Christianity and the church with their humanistic teachings that have expelled morality and truth. This is being taught in our schools, colleges and many churches because the communist has to destroy our foundation. Obama wants our children to attend these public schools so his socialist, unionized teachers can indocrinate them against our founding fathers, American Heritage and Constitution. That is what Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” method and Obama’s Transformation of America is all about. When the Church wakes up in America and many are, we will begain to shine once again, until then America will only keep falling into more bondage.

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