Losing what made America exceptional

by:  Diane Benjamin

A Rasmussen Poll from May 7th showed 27% of likely voters think the country is headed in the right direction.  65% now think we are headed in the wrong direction.  Evidently the other 8% are uniformed.

The United States is 12th in the world on the 2014 list of Economic Freedom.  Economic freedom is why people came here, now we are 12th!?!


United States teenagers fell against other countries again in math, reading and science:

Math – we were 25th, now 31st

Science – we were 20th, now 24th

Reading – we were 11th, now 21st

Source:  http://www.businessinsider.com/pisa-rankings-2013-12

“No matter how brilliantly designed a federal government program may be, it creates a uniformity among states that is harmful to creativity and improvement. Getting the federal government out of the picture would allow states and local governments to create better ways of addressing education issues and problems.”


Read that statement again.  At every level of life in America we are told everybody must equal.  Redistributing wealth and Social Justice are the reason we are on the wrong track.  Government makes you believe they are smarter than you, therefore they can force you to conform to their way of thinking.  Common Core is just the latest destruction of the education system.  It’s nothing more a money grab at your expense and a dumbing down of students.

Locally Bloomington-Normal is just like what is happening on the National level.

Both cities are in bed with the International City Mangers Association.  (ICMA)  Mayor Renner worked for them, Normal is a member.  Both cities send representatives to their conferences and get a barrage of emails spewing their propaganda.  Bloomington is participating in a project to compare the town with cities around the country.  Nobody knows what that costs.  All we know is it takes many staff hours to accumulate the data.

First, “International” means an organization not founded on American exceptionalism.  Just as education excellence has decreased since the Department of Education was created by Jimmy Carter, excellence in government has cratered since government decided they need to control instead of manage.  Funny how that mirrors much of the rest of the world.

Government is NOT capable of creating Utopia.  The American people create their own Utopia by NOT being told what they can do with their property, their own money, and how their children are educated.

Unless you tell local government that “International” is destructive to your future and your children’s future, they will continue to demand the local population conform to international standards.  Your tax dollars will continue to be spent on downtown redevelopment and government approved entertainment.

Bloomington just got 3 new taxes.  Illinois doesn’t care about citizens, just power.  Local government is no different.  At last Monday’s City Council meeting, the 2016 budget talks were hijacked by Mayor Renner and Alderman David Sage.  It was an obvious set-up.  Sage sent out a budget approach plan months ago, Renner ignored it then.  Now Sage is in control which means most of the potted plants will fall in line.  Sage is no longer a conservative – he needs to be defeated in the next election.

Congrats to Jim Fruin who spoke up and asked when the proposed budget cuts were going to be discussed.  Very nice Jim!  Cuts will probably get mentioned right after more tax increases.

The same guys destroying Illinois in Springfield are now firmly in control of Bloomington.  Your kids will leave Illinois, Bloomington is no longer a safe haven for taxpayers.  Citizens of Normal have already lost.  Bloomington:  Are you going to sit back and be abused by YOUR government?








2 thoughts on “Losing what made America exceptional

  1. Mayor Renner is without a doubt a left-wing Progressive, like Obama, their Socialist Furher, they hate exceptionalism, Capitalism and success. They want us all to be equal, equally poor and totally dependent on them! They believe that the ends justify the means no matter how wrong they are on the Socialist agenda they are pushing. Renner has attended Mayor Conferences that featured left-wing Socialist speakers like Professors Joel Rogers and George Lakoff. He has taken some of our city officials to Florida at our tax paying expense to hear Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Renner himself spoke at Camp Obama in 2007 which also featured the man who taught Saul Alinksy to Barack Obama. Saul Alinksy is a hero to many of these American hating, Communist loving Progressives and that is how they teach it!

  2. Dr. Walter Williams noted, “Vladimir Lenin said, ‘Give me four years to teach children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.’ That’s the [true] goal of the leftist teaching agenda.” (Student Indoctrination; CNSNews.com; 9/17/13) Beware of Common Core!


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