To those who think Fracking isn’t safe:

Thanks to Congressman John Shimkus:


10 thoughts on “To those who think Fracking isn’t safe:

  1. Those who have swallowed the scares from “Gores” and “greens” will surely dismiss these 5 more-studied opinions. When you start by “knowing so much that isn’t so” . . .

  2. Noted above is a shining example of a list of 5 folks that have absolutely no credibility! Wow! Is this a post from Comedy Central or Sick magazine? Which is it? Anyway maybe you would like to drink some of that fracking water residue or serve it to your family. I can get you a sample if you would like. Let me know. Good luck.

        1. So, the head of the EPA and the former head of the EPA don’t know what they are talking about? The list of people ARE DEAD SET AGAINST fossil fuels. If they could justify banning fracking, they would. There are a LOT of fake reports on the internet, that is one of them.

  3. My gawd webstaff! You are supporting Obama administration cronies? As much aware and informative as you are about quite a few subject matters you are really missing the boat on the earth rape of fracking.

      1. First of all Webstaff I think you are missing out on the good cop/bad cop, let’s distract you routine here. Secondly although the call for wind and solar is admirable in thought the reality with these OB stooges is massive wealth transfer that takes place in raising all energy prices under false pretenses. Fracking is another way to rape the earth.

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