Pantagraph – way over their head

.  By:  Diane Benjamin

An anonymous editorial today must have been a reprint.  Maybe the bird-cage liner can’t think of new things to print.

The blurb laments local school districts costing taxpayers money by bumping some salaries of teachers and administrators right before retirement so their pensions are higher.  They even spell out how much Unit 5 and district 87 have been fined by the State for doing it.

Congrats rag – the story was from May!  The Chicago Tribune did the original reporting, I reported on the local districts (, and you did an Associated Press article with no facts.  I think you even did a follow-up story with a few facts.

Here’s a bigger story:  Bloomington paying accumulated SICK DAYS at retirement – not at the rate the hours were earned, the RATE of their FINAL PAY.  some retirees walked out with more than $100,000.  Normal may be paying accumulated days for Police and Fire.

Where’s that editorial Pantagraph? Maybe you should investigate how much that BUMPS PENSIONS!

Oh, I forgot, you don’t investigate.  (or report)

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