Now you can’t say you didn’t know

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below is a bowl full of baby parts harvested by Planned Parenthood so they can sell them.  PP gets a half a billion dollars of our tax money.  The language in the videos is even worse – they like whole cadavers the best.

IMG_0436The Germans claimed they didn’t know what the Nazis were up to even though the trains filled with Jews traveled through their towns. The stench from the camps was overwhelming, but they claim they didn’t know.

There are many more videos to come.  Pick which side you are on.  The entire unedited videos are available:

Just don’t say you didn’t know.

6 thoughts on “Now you can’t say you didn’t know

  1. Planned Parenhood is done for if they apply the same thinking used by back alley abortionists. It’s ACORN all over again.


  2. Obscene, isn’t it?

    The cavalier manner in which they describe their ‘mad skills’ of being able to put a baby through what amounts to be a microscopic wood chipper without destroying their delicate little lungs or hearts.


    I find everything about these people and their cult of death offensive. They call it a choice when it is nothing more than murder – causing the premeditated death of an innocent human being.

    Unless, of course, there is anyone out there who can point out a single instance in the history of mankind when anything other than a human being was delivered from the birth canal of a woman after a pregnancy. If you can do that, I’ll cede the point about it being a ‘medical procedure’.

    Don’t agree with that? Does that offend you? Then you’re probably a hypocrite.

    If I hit a woman in the stomach during her pregnancy and she miscarries, I can be charged with felony murder. Why? It’s not like it was a human being, right? A death worshipper would say ‘It’s her choice to carry the pregnancy to term, so you would be violating something of hers’. That would be a cute argument if not for relegating the baby in her womb to something akin to property. Congratulations…you just commoditized a human being!

    Own slaves, much?

    If a mother smokes crank for nine months of her pregnancy, she can be charged with child endangerment (or something along those lines) and go to prison. Why? It’s not like it was a real person, right? Not only that, it’s her choice – her body. If she wants to poison her gestating fetus with drugs, why do you care?

    Yet I strongly suspect, more often than not, that abortion is nothing more than retroactive birth control. The language of its proponents would have you believe it is about a woman’s ‘choice’, yet I would say that the woman has already made a choice when she decided to have unprotected sex in the first place. Choices have consequences – deal with it!

    Tsk tsk…Silly me. I forgot – we don’t take responsibility for things anymore.

    Even when you take abortion out of the equation, Planned Parenthood is an abject failure when measured against it’s own stated goals. As they set up their shops in low income neighborhoods advocating birth control in minority communities, we see teenaged pregnancy rates which are astronomical relative to more affluent (read that WHITE) communities.

    Do I even ask how an organization founded by a racist eugenicist like Margaret Sanger can possibly evolve into a positive element of social change? That’s why it’s easier to find a Planned Parenthood in a low income minority neighborhood than in Beverly Hills.

    Why would God, whose mercy is beyond measure, waste one more drop of grace on a nation that allows it’s most vulnerable and innocent to be slaughtered wholesale in this fashion?

    Obviously, it should go without saying, that God the Father is infinitely better than I am.

    Otherwise, this death loving nation would be digging itself out from under 10 feet of smoldering brimstone by now.

    Holy Mary, Mother of God. Pray for us!


  3. Looking at many of the large national “do good” organizations many (not all) are corrupt to the gills. Scrutinize before you reach into your pocket to give them a donation.


  4. Keep in mind that United Way also funds PP. All the companies who ‘encourage’ employee donations to United Way may or may not give the option to choose where your donation goes. One way to combat PP is to hit them in the wallet.


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