Tari’s Tragic Tyranny

By:  Diane Benjamin


In September, the Bloomington City Council will pass what Renner’s hand-picked Budget Task Force says needs to done (tax increases)


The entire exercise was another colossal wast of time if the Council rejects the recommendations.

Wasting time is nothing new, think Paradigm and Giebelhausen.  How much staff time and legal fees were spent just on these two proposals?  It’s a secret.

Remember when Illinois Institute of Technology was going to help with Priority Based Budgeting?  They wanted to help for free, but then they disappeared.  IIT wasted a lot of time and a year of no priority budgeting while the city waited for them to show up.

I’m sensing a pattern.

Serious cuts are not being considered.  Tari’s budget Task Force wasn’t set up to cut anything.  The CITY is telling them what to consider, they aren’t coming up with their own ideas.  Rest assured, the only cuts considered are ones the citizens would never approve of.  Meanwhile, David Hales’ bloated Administration budget isn’t in the mix.  Forcing the Coliseum and the BCPA to fund themselves also is nowhere to be found.  Closing both are on the table – but that will quickly be flicked to the floor.

Is the Council really stupid enough to accept what an unelected hand-pick Renner committee suggests?  Does the Council have any allegiance to the Wards that elected them?  Or, is it much easier to not think for yourself – kind of like the Normal Council members who just warm seats and do as they are told.

Tari is looking for a legacy.  Here it is Tari:

You are the king of usurping representative government

Want more proof?  Besides creating a committee with two members who don’t live in Bloomington, (https://blnnews.com/2015/07/09/well-well-well/) one of them has close ties to the Pantagraph!  Deanna Frautschi was a citizen adviser to the Editorial Board.  (Hold laughter please) In her own words:  http://www.pantagraph.com/news/opinion/mailbag/wills-has-served-community-well/article_208b9d3a-d668-566d-bb92-0bdf03d55ef0.html  Since the Pantagraph is a worthless news source, what does that say about a former citizen adviser?

Does the Council represent the citizens who elected them or Renner and Hales.  In September, you will know the answer.






3 thoughts on “Tari’s Tragic Tyranny

  1. I predict the Budget Task Force will not be able to identify enough changes to cover the growing deficit. The city council needs to face the music and make some serious decisions. Even if it means dumping the White Elephant Dome at a loss and closing the BCPA. It’s just that simple, no choice about it.

    If they don’t then the voters need to replace all but one city council members and the mayor with those that will take control and make the necessary cuts. Also get rid of that worthless city manager and axe positions at city hall. A total purge even if that means shoving highly paid people out the door to be replaced with people paid less. Yes there are people available to fill those positions at far less than what is being paid now.


    1. I agree with all you say. Those who are unhappy need to challenge the Council in public, on video at the meetings. Any and all inappropriate behavior should be clearly pointed out. Demand accountability from the elected officials and the Manager. Collecting money owed by CIAM, developers and anyone else is the Manager’s job by ordinance. Enforcing ordinances is also the Manager’s responsibility. He is failing to perform many of his job duties. Bring attention to these items should result in some loss of credibility. No whining, though…do the research and present just the facts…just the facts. Mr. Lower is up for reelection and needs all the support he can get.


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