Kashima: Why she got $13,000


There is a link between Kashima and Tom Dabareiner (Community Development).  See this link:

Click to access MOT00-05158_ZONING.pdf

By:  Diane Benjamin

Earlier today I reported payment to Courtney Kashima at Monday’s Council meeting.  https://blnnews.com/2015/12/10/what-bloomington-is-paying-monday/

Reading the 375 page packet, I found out why she was paid.  See the packet here, starting on page 181:   http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=9514

J.C. Home Builders wants to construct a duplex at 812 E Chestnut.  It requires a special use permit and therefore went before the zoning board of appeals.

Courtney Kashima prepared and submitted a report to the Zoning Board of appeals:  (see pages 187-190)

KashimaNobody at the City was capable of driving by and looking at the property?  Why didn’t the builder pay for the report?  The City really needed a Chicago Consultant?

Maybe knowing who she used to work for helps explain why she was hired.  From her LinkedIn profile:

linkedInKashimaFarr Associates!  Sound familiar?  If not, think Uptown Normal and Main Street Corridor.

Approval for the Special Use Permit is on the Consent Agenda.  That means, unless an alderman pulls the item for further discussion, nobody will ask why a Chicago Urban Planner got $13,000 of your money.

According to page 192, the proposal was a no-brainer for the zoning board.  The building formerly on the property had been demolished, any building would produce more property taxes.  A duplex evidently also fits the neighborhood.

I wonder if you paid for her lodging too.  Hard to tell since the payments to the DoubleTree Hotel don’t say who stayed there.




3 thoughts on “Kashima: Why she got $13,000

  1. Renner’s Culture Change that he talked about when he first took office has now reach the a stage of transparency of which he might have been alluding to,,,that his administration will be worse for the city of Bloomington than we’ve ever seen before. Spend, spend, spend, shaft the tax payers, what difference does it make as long as I get free lunches for me and my friends!


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