Jeers Pantagraph!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Pantagraph really needs to give up being a source for any useful information.  They exist only to spew propaganda and publish pics of the local preferred royalty.

Today is no exception.  They “jeered” the State of Illinois for delaying the start of early voting.  Of course they didn’t mention early voting was to start February 4th for the MARCH 15th primary.  Claiming somebody is being denied their right to vote?  Seriously?  What happened to taking the vote seriously enough to actual go to the polls on election day?  Notice voter turnout is decreasing?  Maybe turning your patriot duty to vote into a joke is the reason!

But, I digress.

How about some facts?

Petitions filed are being challenged for Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, as well as two minor candidates.  According to the State Board of Elections, each candidate for President had to file:

partEven if these 7 only turned in 3000 signatures (which I’m sure they didn’t), that’s 21,000 signatures that (1) somebody has to try to read  (2) somebody has to look up to see if they are a registered voter , (3) all sides have to agree on a result for every name until they get to the minimum of 3000.  Those two other minor candidates may have been required to file many more signatures requiring vastly more time.

It’s about the integrity of the ballot Pantagraph.

By the way, if somebody had challenged both Hillary Clinton’s and Barrack Obama’s petitions in Indiana back in 2008, both likely would have been off the ballot:

Quote:  “…it appears the Second District petitions for both Clinton and Obama contained many forgeries“.

Doesn’t Illinois have enough corruption?  Evidently the Pantagraph doesn’t think holding fair elections in Illinois is important.

Is the head guy from Chicago?



6 thoughts on “Jeers Pantagraph!

  1. Back in the early 1970’s the father of one of my college friends was a precinct captain in Dan Rostinkowski’s (sp?) district. The father was responsible for collecting signatures. If there were not enough, the telephone book would come out and the neighbors would use random names and sign the form. Sometimes the names were of people who had recently died. It is a good thing to protect against election fraud.


  2. Maybe this is a bit off the subject, but feel that Donald Trump should be challenged. How did he get on the Republican ballot anyway? He’s never voted as a Republican in a primary and read that he gave money to Hillary. Really feel he’s in there to bring this country down. He’s a total fraud! He may be talking, but his walk has been in the opposite direction.


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