Truth about property taxes

By:  Diane Benjamin

Between 2007 and 2015 my total property taxes went up almost 15%.  The assessed value went up  a little over 9%.

That’s EIGHT years.

propAll those rate decreases mean nothing when the assessor thinks your property values went up.

Remember the 2008 crash when property values supposedly dropped?  For taxes, mine didn’t.

Tri-Valley sucks up almost 70% of the total.  The County gets 11%, and Heartland another 6.6%.

The Unit 5 rate is 5.0271.  District 87 is $5.09.

Looks like Tri-Valley needs to explain why their rate is much higher!

It obvious why people flee Illinois!

Imagine what another 8 years will do to my property taxes!

Meanwhile, what you pay depends on the assessed value of your property.  That value is totally subjective.  Remember the Ensenberger’s story?

I frequently hear elected officials talking about keeping the rate flat.  That’s immaterial when the assessed value keeps going up because some assessor claims it did.  They can pretend to be fiscally responsible while telling the assessors to spike values.





  1. Did you challenge the assessed value? 15% is a lot since I don’t think property is going like hot cakes in your neck of the woods. It could be they are not doing the homework and are just guessing at what your home is worth. In any case, give it a shot.


    • I have challenged the assessment. It didn’t change for 3 or 4 years, went up again this year. The assessor has been caught on our property without permission. It’s against the law.


      • Something doesn’t add up. It’s almost as if they are selectively assessing properties at higher values. Must be finding a shortage and then inflating the numbers to cover it. Have any others seen a their bill rise?


  2. BNIndy says:

    Precisely why school funding in this dismal state needs to be reformed. We should do what Indiana does.


    • Explain please. I don’t have time to research, all I know is property taxes are A LOT lower. I think their state sales tax rate is 7%, not sure if cities can tack on to that like they do here.


      • The rely much more heavily on sales taxes and are funded primarily through funds directly from the state. Property taxes in Indiana are capped as well. The only money from property taxes used for school are for transportation and facilities.


  3. Odd. My property value has decreased but my property taxes have increased–mainly due to HCC.


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