County Public Comment STILL illegal

By:  Diane Benjamin

The County Public Comment policy is hard to find on their website – so below is the entire text.  The first thing it stresses is non-members should be speaking in Committee Meetings instead of in front of the whole Board.  If Public Comment policy exists for Committee meetings, I can’t find it.  Then, it’s difficult to find a lot of things on their website.

Back in 2014 Public Access issued a binding ruling against the County stating their policy violated the Open Meetings Act.  See the ruling HERE

PAC 30194 pertained to the policy requiring 5 days notice to speak.  The County changed it to ONE DAY advanced notice if you wish to speak about an item on the agenda, but left it at 5 days if the item wasn’t on the agenda.  Both policies are still illegal and obviously meant to discourage Public Comment.

Why do so many representatives of “We The People” not care what we have to say?   Does anybody want to file this with the Attorney General?


6 thoughts on “County Public Comment STILL illegal

  1. I live in Normal and and​ am thoroughly disgusted by our politians. If they do all the illegal things you say they do , why is nothing done about it?


  2. I don’t live in this county, but I am surprised no one has challenged this improper behavior. It DOES NOT HAPPEN in Clark County (perhaps us downstate Deplorables are more civilized). Good work, Diane. If you can get someone to keep after this, that is true public service.

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