Normal: What the media is missing!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Evidently the media can’t read or they have a short attention span and can’t make it through the 7 page Attorney General letter declaring Normal’s Public Comment Policy illegal.

It is MUCH more than the 45 day rule.  That one was a no brainer!

See the changes Normal is planning to make Monday night – it is still illegal!  Pages 89-90

Jump forward to pages 5 and 6 of the AG ruling:  AG ruling on Normal’s Public Comment

The AG did not approve Normal’s policy of signing up to speak 2 hours in advance as the Town’s attorney claimed.  Normal is leaving that requirement in even though all it takes is somebody to go Monday and request to speak 5 minutes before the meeting starts.  When they are denied, it will be an automatic Request for Review so the AG can declare Normal GUILTY again!

Also on Page 6 of the ruling, Normal can not limit speakers to what is on the agenda!  Monday night I would love to see somebody dragged away on camera because they talked about something not on the agenda.  How about somebody ask Koos if he is ever going to campaign for the April 4th election, or if he should just be anointed now?  Have somebody film you just in case Normal turns off the camera.

One more ILLEGAL item they are leaving in their policy – when people sign up they have to state what agenda item they will be speaking on.  Just tell them all of them.

The Town of Normal is now purposely ignoring the law because they don’t want to hear from you.  The AG ruling cited code sections were the laws can be found.  I purposely waited until this afternoon hoping Normal had some measure of integrity and had decided to comply with the ruling.  They did not.

The Town of Normal does not care what you think.  The only way to fix that is to vote April 4th.

The Chamber of Commerce will start running non-stop ads for Koos soon.  The Pantagraph will endorse him too.  These organizations don’t care anymore about citizens than the Town of Normal does.

4 years ago:

2551 votes!

What are you doing to get rid of a guy who doesn’t want to hear from you?

If you aren’t helping Marc Tiritilli, get started now.  Contact him:

Don’t vote for three Trustees because there aren’t three that deserve your vote.

Vote for Ron Ulmer – a NEW trustee

Write-In James Woods – also NEW.

Had enough tyranny?

BTW, if any Trustees (who just happen it to be up for election) question why more changes to the ordinance aren’t included, keep in mind they all sat on their perches and said nothing about the 45 day rule until 2 citizens filed with the AG.  They are no better than Koos.




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