Normal’s vote recount

By:  Diane Benjamin

Since I didn’t understand what was happening with the Normal mayoral recount, yesterday I dropped in at the County Clerk’s office to check it out.

In case you live under a rock, the election was won by Chris Koos with only 11 votes separating him and Marc Tiritilli.

As the picture shows, two people are at each of the three computers.  One person is representing team Koos, the other is team Tiritilli.  They are comparing the official signatures against the sticker voters signed when they voted.  All the stickers are kept in the books shown laying on the table.

Only the signatures from the 7 precincts chosen for the recount are being reviewed.  I believe Marc Tiritilli’s team is taking pictures of any signatures they are going to question.

The actual ballot recount is next week – May 9th through May 11th.  Again, this will be only for the 7 precincts selected.  The ballots will be fed slowly through a tabulator.  Both sides will be allowed to see the ballot and take a picture of it if they wish.  They will not be allowed to touch any ballots.

They will be looking for an accurate count and the poll judges initials on each ballot.

If any discrepancies are found, Tiritilli’s campaign will most likely file a lawsuit.

McLean County Clerk Kathy Michael brought up an interesting point.  Comparing signatures would be immaterial if VOTER ID was required.  Signatures wouldn’t be needed at all.

Isn’t it funny how other countries require an ID to vote so the elections have integrity – but here we don’t?




16 thoughts on “Normal’s vote recount

  1. The Pantagraph is reporting that the State legislature has voted in favor of automatic voter registration. I wonder if the bill will remove the need for checking signatures. I wonder if it will prevent voter fraud. I doubt it requires the use of voter ID cards. Time will tell.


  2. Voter I D? Is that all you think will keep voters honest? At best it would be another I D aid, not salvation. We all thought years ago that computers would be the only way to get things done correctly, now we find out it has become just another tool to cheat with. Ask the FBI or CIA how long before Voter I D’s are forged. They will be within hours of final form is approved. Think this way, we need 85-90 percent voter turn out at each election so the cheats lose track of how many illegal votes they need. Start with shorter campaigns, only voter money donations, no super pacs, corporations money, and keep churches out of politics.


      1. Most have training and they look for them most every day or night. But my point is that no matter what I D you come up with it will be faked. Another example is money. I see this Voter I D thing as one more hurdle to every voter to be able too vote. If it’s going to be done, then it has to be at no charge to the voter and must be available in their community, not some County seat. Illinois has Democrats ruining the State and North Carolina has Republicans that will go way out of their way to make life miserable just like Illinois Democrats. Term Limits is the answer.


  3. Term limits! Just a THOUGHT. Did you ever wonder WHAT these lifetime politicians would be doing IF they weren’t lifetime “public servants” Janitors, garbagemen, philosophy grads, teamsters, street sweepers, or panhandlers, criminals (well, yeah, they ALL are). But just a thought, and with apologies to anyone who dutifully works at ANY of the above mentioned.


  4. In my opinion there should be a chip encoded voter ID card. Less chance of fake ID’s floating around. Also all states should have the same voting method in place to standardize it and enforce the rules.
    Seeing how the politician’s love the current system nothing will change. States will invoke their states rights to and nothing will change.


    1. The Feds mandated what king of driver’s license every state had to issue – Homeland Security. Without complying, residents were not going to be allowed to fly. That should be good enough, of course all states offer free ID cards to anybody who wants one.


      1. “of course all states offer free ID cards to anybody who wants one.” While this might be true, in some states you are required to go to specific locations to get them and sometimes this means actually leaving not only your city, but may also mean the county. In the Southeast it is a way to force poorer people from the voting rosters. Voter fraud? May be the way you have to get the I D.


  5. Democrats just LOVE voter fraud. It is a critical component of their election strategy.

    Also, a fun factoid. The last time majority (white) voters supported a Democrat for President was 1964! And they say the GOP has “inclusion” problems.


    1. Maggie, first I am a Republican, second, look at North Carolina for over reactions to “voter fraud”. A Republican controlled State, went bananas, trying to get voter I D’s passed and used voter fraud as the reason. Six, let me repeat that number, 6 cases found in the State and some were Republican too. They, at the same time, eliminated vote poling places at some colleges, and reduced early voting. Turns out both of these were of more benefit to Democrats than Republicans. No matter which party, there are no honest party’s.


      1. There were 6 cases found of voter IMPERSONATION–Bill Jones voting as John Smith. (And they didn’t look very hard.) That doesn’t count the THOUSANDS of people voting multiple times, illegals voting, felons voting, absentee ballot fraud, etc. Either you are an uniformed RINO or an intellectually dishonest Leftist. I vote for the latter.


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