Bill Brady: Pay up Illinois

This article was just published by the Illinois Policy Institute:

Bill Brady proves once again why the IL GOP is useless:

Only in Illinois could a budget deal that hits struggling Illinoisans with billions in new taxes be called a “grand bargain.”


State Sen. Bill Brady, R-Bloomington, has proposed what he hopes may be the big “compromise” to end Illinois’ budget impasse.

But Illinoisans should realize what’s really going on.

Brady is offering some new promises to cut spending, but only so he can mask his request for billions in taxes and fees. How much is an open question.

Brady claims he wants $5 billion in new revenues, but he’s also said his proposal acts as a supplement to the Senate’s proposed “grand bargain,” which calls for $7 billion in new taxes and fees.

For politicians, it’s the perfect compromise. Lawmakers get what they need for their campaign stump speeches, the status quo is preserved, and special interest groups are appeased. But struggling taxpayers are left behind, and will get hit yet again as they try to get by in a dysfunctional Illinois.

Illinoisans don’t need, nor can they afford, that kind of compromise. Every one of Illinois politicians’ past compromises – from former Gov. Jim Edgar’s pension ramp to former Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s pension bonds to former Gov. Pat Quinn’s temporary tax hike – has something in common: They all avoided fixing Illinois’ structural spending problems by sending the bill to taxpayers instead.

Time for Brady to retire!

2 thoughts on “Bill Brady: Pay up Illinois

  1. Senator Brady should take care of his local business. Oh, wait. He went bankrupt a few times and doesn’t have to abide by city ordinances.


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