Normal – Monday night

By:  Diane Benjamin

Normal agenda and documentation for Monday night:

Below are some items I found interesting – many others could be questioned.  This meeting will be short – nothing serious isn’t on the consent Agenda.

1) Town will reimburse emergency repairs.

The documentation says a contractor caused the sewer back-up, there is nothing included in the documentation about collecting this cost from the contractor.

2) This purchase has no documentation.

 What is a shade structure?  How long will it last?

3) One golf cart?

4) No documentation included – just a payment

5) I think they meant Tiger Grant.

At the last meeting, payment of $30,279.56 was paid to the same firm for the same reason.

6) Looks like Normal hasn’t dropped MetroZone yet

7) Yea! More money for empty buses!  $71,116.66


6 thoughts on “Normal – Monday night

  1. I wonder if they could get people to build the shade structure with volunteer hours, similar to what they do for a Habitat for Humanity home? In my old hometown, they got together and built an entire playground with fundraised donations and mostly volunteer hours to build everything.

    There are already plenty of bleachers out at Champion, several shade structures too. Perhaps they should add a cost of $0.50 or $1.00 per ticket to the tournaments they host out there and $10 to each slow pitch team league entry until they recoup the costs. If they’re drawing enough people to need more bleachers, they should be able to quickly recoup costs.

    1. Bob–CT is logging 2M RIDES per year. There is no indication whether or not transfers are included in that number. Each trip would probably be a round trip which may or may not include transfers. With fewer routes, there are more transfers. The buses that seem to be used the most are those that serve HCC students, State Farm employees and ISU students..

    2. It’s simple math Bob. Here let me explain it to you. Bob let’s say you have 2 million buses with 1 rider each per year, then as the buses are empty 364 days per year most folks would view empty buses so often, that the reality of the situation is that the buses are empty. Does that help you Bob? Duh.

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