Chamber of Commerce socialism

By:  Diane Benjamin

After the McLean County Chamber of Commerce supported every big spender in the local elections, they are now want a huge sports complex at your expense.

If government created prosperity, Illinois would be the most successful state in the country! Instead, people are fleeing high taxes, regulations, and government nonsense.  But the Chamber of Commerce loves Illinois socialism, and thinks we need more of it:

Public-private partnerships merely mean the public has the money and the risk, the private doesn’t have to do much but benefit.

Reports are vague about where this complex will be located, near Rivian is all that is reported.  Who is the Kim Group?  Peoria real estate agents.

Where was the land the last time the soccer people proposed building a complex?  See this story:

The land previously proposed was owned by Dave Stark.  Is the same land being discussed now, or is this project even farther west?  Maybe attendees at this event will find out.

The Chamber has a new saying:  Progress is not born without collaboration.

What is the definition of Progress?

Collaboration with who?

Bloomington and Normal can not afford to fund this complex without a tax increase.  That isn’t progress.  Roughly 3000 kids temporarily play soccer in the spring and fall.  The organizers want government collaborating with them to build a complex which is now much bigger than the one proposed back in 2014.

Keep in mind this complex will be sitting empty most of the time.   Progress must be spending many millions on a sports complex that will be rarely used.  Drive by the current soccer fields, you will see it empty most of the time.  Even if tournaments are drawn here, taxpayers will never be paid back for their higher taxes that built it.  Taxes are never decreased, only increased.

Is there an indoor ice shortage?  Yes, the Pepsi Ice Center rents expensive ice from the Coliseum when they need it.  With another indoor rink maybe that rent won’t be necessary, but then the Coliseum doesn’t make as much money.  Unintended consequences are pesky.  Don’t forget, the Pepsi Ice Center does not generate enough income to pay for the building, another ice rink won’t either.

The Chamber of Commerce got the candidates elected they wanted.  They picked the people who believe mortgaging taxpayers is progress.  They picked people who believe government creates prosperity.  They picked people who believe “if we build it they will come”.  They picked the opposite of who gets elected in prosperous states.  If your business is a member of the Chamber, please explain why.

Who benefits?

  • The current land owner.
  • Labor unions who will build the complex
  • 3000 kids who can all play in one new place
  • Area restaurants that may feed attendees

Who loses?

  • Taxpayers on the hook for yet more entertainment
  • The entire area as government races to the bottom as it sucks even more money from the local economy
  • The soccer kids who are taught government is the only way to accomplish goals
  • Local people wanting good paying jobs here, not more low paying hospitality types
  • The soccer parents who now have to drive from the far east side to the far west side for games

If the soccer organizers believed in capitalism, they would have their own complex.  If the Chamber of Commerce believed in capitalism, they wouldn’t be promoting higher taxes and collaboration with government.

We have plenty of proof government projects fail unless heavily subsidized.  It’s tragic that local leaders think taxpayers should do more.






10 thoughts on “Chamber of Commerce socialism

  1. The Chamber is a big believer in “Crony” capitalism. We need no new taxes in this town. We are in a general economic decline and the last thing this area needs is more taxes. State Farm is being disrupted and ISU will see it’s first (of many to come) enrollment drop this fall. Does 1/2 the town need to leave before the Chamber and the city leadership figures out that taxes need to be lower and infrastructure needs to be a priority? I have personally helped one business relocate out of this town and I know of 3 more that are planning relocation. What it is going to take to wake these people up? I guess empty streets don’t need pot holes fixed as bad. FYI – houses are not selling in the real estate market here…. We have 500 real estate brokers here who are not selling houses – what is the ripple effect on our economy if just 200 of them go broke? Yes this is happening now and our leadership operates in a reality all their own with dreams of soccer fields and bike lanes in their heads.


  2. Lol, let’s build a soccer complez for B-N out Danvers way! That ripoff is so obvious maybe it’ll show up on some crime show in 20 years! Let’s replace more valuable farm land with concrete and asphalt. Where are the tree hugging hippies when you need some?


  3. A: What does a sports complex have to do with governing?

    B: What happened to that flash in the pan fad with Bloomington softball? My God! That was taking over the world just 25 years ago. Now, what? Nothing. So glad we didn’t invest in a k’billion softball fields mega softball complex (I’m not actually sure we didn’t too some degree). THIS council probably would have.


      1. Maybe the Corn Belter’s business model should be used by the soccer teams if it is truly private. Rental is a great way to make a venue pay for itself.


  4. Perhaps when Fidget Spinners are about to die off they will decide we should be the Fidget Spinner capitol of the Midwest and build a complex for skills tournaments – yes – I often find Bloomington (and Normal) that ridiculous.


  5. My, my, a soccer field out in the Mitsubishi area.. NOW has ANYONE done a “air quality” study to see if the corn dust from Yuton elevator or the dust from farmers fields or the asphalt smell from the asphalt plant out there will affect those POOR youths breathing?? We HAVE to be aware of the health of our young ones!!!
    Mind you.. Mr KOOS would NOT have it any other way…
    And they WILL need bicycle paths also, since they ARE athletes! RIGHT Mr Koos??


    1. It’s been on-going for years. Discussions are heating up again because the project got much bigger and the soccer people still haven’t built their own fields. They still have to vacate the airport property.


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