Update to yesterday-Taxable Value

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday I reported on a property that sold in March 2016 for $2,670,000, but it only had a taxable value of $1,789,289 by December 31st.  https://blnnews.com/2017/05/15/how-did-this-happen/

The McLean County Assessor’s office said I needed to contact the Township Assessor to find out why the taxable value is much less than the purchase price.  I emailed Mr. Steve Scudder yesterday morning:

So far I have not received a response.

If I receive one, I will update the story.






One thought on “Update to yesterday-Taxable Value

  1. The reply, if any, should be interesting indeed. Of course it’s former use, The Great Escape, is also interesting in itself – there were NEVER any customers there – a giant building where 2-3 employees sat all day can be my only assumption. Now, they take up part of the old CUB, and once again, NO ONE goes there – HOW does this place stay in business and always have a fairly large store? The First one was huge this new one of course, not so big, but still empty of customers. I have watched that place for years and wondered.


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