Brick Streets: FORWARD!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Two truths:

  • Bloomington road resurfacing is seriously underfunded
  • Tari has stacked the commissions with people who think just like him

Tomorrow the Historic Preservation meeting is at 5:00 in the Council Chambers.

On the agenda is discussion of a Master Plan for Brick Streets.  Keep in mind Master Plans are suggestions when the Council is asked to vote for one, but gospel that must be followed after.

See the proposed plan here:

Page 4:  This Committee will approve it, then the Transportation Committee will approve it, then the Planning Commission, and finally the City Council.  After all these people said “aye”, what choice does the Council have?

I’m not for or against brick streets.  They are more expensive but last much longer.

I don’t understand how the Council can look anyone in the face and approve costly repairs to brick streets when the other roads are rated poor and the funding currently allocated keeps them rated poor.

If you want to be heard on this issue don’t wait until it gets to the Council.  The resolution will already be written by then.

4 thoughts on “Brick Streets: FORWARD!

  1. I read part of this piece of lies. Since when does Bloomington engage in open conversation with its citizens? Since when does it have adequate finances to provide blah blah blah. This is the worse piece of fiction I have read in a long time.


  2. This new Master Plan for Streets was already approved before it was brought up Amelia at an April Council meeting. The 800 block of Monroe was scheduled for resurfacing this year. Amelia spoke with residents on Monroe to see if they wanted the brick repaired rather than surfaced with asphalt. Brick streets add quality of life for the residents who live on those streets or in that neighborhood. Brick streets provide for economic development. The streets a near downtown. Brick streets are part of Bloomington’s history. It says so in the draft of the Master Plan. It also says, in the past, residents’ taxes were accessed the difference in cost between brick and asphalt.


    1. Clarification: In the past, the residents who live on the streets where brick was repaired and replaced paid for the difference in cost between brick and asphalt.


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