Yes, there is Free Lunch and Travel

By:  Diane Benjamin

From Bills and Payroll for Monday night:

Nothing is on the City Calendar for 6/23/17, was this a private party?

This month’s eating and travelling at your expense:

Why does Public Works need the Pantagraph and why is it cheaper for them than regular people?

Even the police get fraudulent charges:

Your money was given to 2 non-profits! How were these picked while many others got nothing? Are they worthy causes? Probably, but is it government’s job to steal your money and give it away to their choices?  How is this not buying votes?  How is funding non-profits government’s job?

The City of Bloomington collects the Food and Beverage Tax and then gives Normal their share.
This is the amount paid in July 2016: SOURCE

This is the amount paid in July 2017:

People like to eat out! The June 2016 & 2017 payments were similar.





12 thoughts on “Yes, there is Free Lunch and Travel

  1. Diane, I enjoy your work, keep it going. A couple of thoughts from the peanut gallery, if you are old enough to remember. My 50 plus yrs of driving have shown me that drivers of auto break the laws more often than bicyclists. No one stops at stop signs and everyone speeds, most do not use turn signals for lane changes Let’s your tirades against bikers stop, you are tilting at to many windmills.



    1. I actually saw one biker stop at a stop sign! The problem with your theory is bikers get killed for how they ride, most vehicle accidents are fender benders. How many people should be sacrificed to Bike blono?


    2. However Sgwhite your comment “No one stops at stop signs and everyone speeds, most do not use turn signals for lane changes.” is a bold faced lie. Seriously Sg, “no one?” I see automobiles stop at stop signs all the time, sometimes not. I see people obey speed limits quite often and use turn signals for lane changes. BTW when you do see drivers committing driving offences you can always get their plate numbers and call them in. Not so with bicycles that are completely unaccountable with no plates. Automobile owners through many fees and taxes pay for the upkeep of the roads that bicycles do not. The one thing that you are right about though is that yes automobile drivers do break the law more often because they number 1000’s to 1 bicycle riders. That’s due to simple law of averages. Nice try Sg but you fail.


    3. Yeah well when automobiles do the running stops once in awhile it’s no comparison to bicyclists that completely blow through stop signs showing absolutely no effort to stop at all. We’ve all seen it. You’re just hiding the truth with your post and trying to deceive people. You must be a Bike BloNo member, lol.


  2. What? almost $1800 to send a Poli Sci prof to a mayors conference? While NERO is out living in $343 hotel rooms (hope to GOD he kept the pillow mint) our streets are like sailing the high seas, there is cluttered storm drains and other “BASIC” city things that need tending to, but I guess they don’t involve Nero..
    And anyone who can eat $230 worth of Panera stuff NEEDS a DIET!


  3. Bloomington now has a Marxist leaning/dominated city government where the political elites prosper at the expense of everybody else. Elections have consequences! Welcome to “Zimbabwe On the Prairie”.


  4. I want to run for Mayor I think I could be a better ruler of the little people (please note sarcasm) and for another reason to eat as good as T does. I personally know families who spend less on food for an entire week than he does at one meal…but they are little people.


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