Will someone tell the Newspaper?

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Hey Pravdagraph, News flash!  Skip Crawford and Mike Matejka have been off the Council for more than a decade!  The people voted them off after multiple terms because they were the ultimate insiders voting for a union agenda (Matejka, union official) and Crawford (pretend Republican) who loved dem Karen Schmidt (see campaign letter) and never strayed off the status quo.  Logically, they despised Stearns for daring to challenge their private insider club rules.  Rule 1. We love the city manager No Matter What.  Schmidt richly praised Tom Hamilton when he retired right before he fell out of favor so she could then blame him for giving the city away to the developers.  Ah, how soon we forget!

The Pravdagraph wishes to bring credibility to their non stories by seeking wisdom from 2 has been political hacks?  No matter the facts that could be exposed by talking to aldermen who committed the No No of questioning the coliseum and city manager,  or certainly not the blogger who laid it all out in simple terms a 5th grader could understand.  You, Pravdagraph, have a direct line to All things and People who are good little soldiers for the status quo and politically oh so correct.  So pick up the phone.  You hope your readers aren’t savvy enough,to notice.

Citizens should go to the Joliet Herald for any facts they might want.   http://www.theherald-news.com/2017/10/02/styf-what-we-know-on-new-joliet-city-manager-david-hales/a7h0gka/







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  1. But, but, but…. If the Pravdagraph prints the truth and enrages Taxin Tari (and his horde of public employees who know where your paycheck should be spent) the city might pull all those juicy, expensive ads for all their non-events they want you to attend.

    You don’t want to enrage Tari again do you? You know that makes him too sick to work!

  2. Diane, I can’t agree with your comment about Skip Crawford. He’s the only council member who consistently voted against spending the hundreds of thousands of dollars on any aspect (surveys, polls, consultants) of a civic center. Mike Matejka, Tom Whalen, Veitengruber are a different story. They voted “Yes” in the face of all the facts that were known. The only vote I could never figure out was that of Mike Sprague. I talked to Mike personally back then and was very disappointed at his stance. I have a hunch that business dealings and friendships entered into it. I also question how Johnston Construction was selected as the contractor. Even before the decision was made on whether to build or not.

  3. City Code: CHAPTER 2 SECTION 39. A. The Manager shall have and exercise all powers and duties assigned to him by statute and such other authority as may be granted by the City Council. He shall be charged with the enforcement of all laws and ordinances within the municipality insofar as their enforcement is within the powers of the City. He shall exercise all powers conferred by law upon the municipality but not specifically conferred upon any official.
    C. The City Manager shall supervise the administration of the affairs of the City; make such recommendations to the Council as he may deem necessary; keep the Council advised on the financial condition and future needs of the City;
    I. It shall be the duty of the Manager to see to it that all terms of any contract to which the City is a party are fully performed by all parties thereto.


    Epic failure by Hales.

  4. HOW in the heck can you have ANY trust in a city manager like Hales to “enforce laws and ordinances” when he came HERE with a sealed record from Bend, OR. ??
    That’s like hiring the mafia to protect a government witness!

    1. Townie–that is the irony. Violation of City Code, which this is, is grounds for dismissal yet he kept getting raises. The Council should stop writing ordinances because they are never enforced except for the ordinary citizen.

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